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Caboodle Cartridge Debuts California's First Inkjet and Laser Refilling Facility with Retail Stores in Silicon Valley and Central Valley

Published on 2004-08-23. Author : SpecialChem


SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Caboodle Cartridge, LP is creating an entirely new channel for ink jet and laser printer cartridges by introducing an advanced recharging laboratory and first-of-its-kind retail service outlets in California. Caboodle Cartridges enables printer users to simply walk into a local store and have their cartridges either refilled or exchanged in as little as ten minutes for savings of at least 50%.

The concept of refilling is not new. Recharging companies have existed for years in the laser printer industry while newer ventures have launched online inkjet exchange or refilling programs via mail. Also, syringe refill kits are available at local retail outlets. However, Caboodle Cartridge is the first company in North America to build an advanced facility to rebuild and recharge laser and inkjet cartridges that are at or exceeding OEM-quality, while others simply refill the ink and toner only. It also is the only company to open dedicated retail outlets allowing customers to walk in and instantly receive "good-as-new" replacements. Caboodle recharges all popular cartridges for color and B/W laser and ink jet, including Hewlett Packard, Canon, Panasonic, Lexmark, Brother, Samsung, Minolta, Epson, Canon and Lexmark.

"Printer manufacturers rely heavily on the tremendous profits generated from sales of printer cartridges, and customers are practically locked into paying prices that usually cost more than the printer itself," said Daniel Wencel, General Director of Caboodle Cartridge. "The Caboodle concept provides overdue relief for printer users because we save them from the pains of overpaying for new cartridges, trying to inject ink through syringes, and obtaining lower quality refilled cartridges, while giving them a local resource to instantly solve their personal or business printing needs."

Caboodle focuses on quality. The founders have invested in a state-of-the-art recharging facility that does not compromise quality and yet offers substantial savings. When servicing laser printer cartridges, the company refills the toner and also replaces the inside components. Typical savings are 40% to 60% of the price of a new cartridge.

For ink jet services, Caboodle stocks almost 200 varieties of ink. It uses the highest quality inks made in Germany, which incorporates special formulas for each different cartridge type. The cartridge filling process follows stringent manufacturing guidelines, which call for correct ink ingredients and thoroughly cleaning each cartridge through an intricate technical process utilizing heat, ultrasound and centrifugal force. Users enjoy savings of 50% or more for like-new quality.

With the approval to offer franchise licenses, Caboodle Cartridge plans to rapidly expand and open a robust network of service outlets patterned after the first store in Saratoga. Several locations are already in development throughout the Bay Area and Central California.

Caboodle's current customers include individuals, enterprises and various local and state institutions. With the advent of digital photography and easy-to-use desktop publishing software, individual users burn through color ink quickly to print digital photos, invitations, flyers, etc. Businesses, law firms, real estate agencies, insurance companies, banks, schools, police departments, county and city offices, financial and accounting services, use printers for almost all records and communications.

Wencel added, "Individual users and businesses can save small fortunes on their monthly printing expenses and at the same time help the environment."

About Caboodle Cartridge

A father and son team, Daniel and Chris Wencel, founded Caboodle Cartridge. The idea derived from their extensive experience in the computer and printer service market in the country of Poland. Caboodle Cartridge has been in development for two years and has recently started offering franchises in the Spring of 2004. The company is on track to open 60 retail locations by early 2005.

Source: Caboodle Cartridge, LP

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