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C.P. Hall - Lake Partnership

Published on 2006-08-28. Author : SpecialChem

C.P. Hall - the material science experts, a leading global manufacturer of marine magnesium and minerals, plasticizers, powder dispersions, natural esters and solvating agents with headquarters in Chicago, USA, have appointed Lake Chemicals and Minerals Ltd., as their UK and Ireland technical sales and marketing partner for all applications including paint, ink, adhesive, polymer, detergent, lubricant and agricultural from August 6th 2006.

Lake Chemicals and Minerals Ltd. will be offering the MAGLITE®, MARINCO, PARAPLEX®, PLASTHALL®, TEGMER®, SUPRMIX®, CAL-O-SORB®, HALLCO®, HALLGREEN™ and HALLCOMID® product ranges.

Lake Chemicals and Minerals Ltd. is a Technical Distribution Specialist with head office in Redditch, UK, responsible for the sales and marketing of speciality chemicals, minerals and technical products to customers in the UK and Ireland.

Source: Lake Chemicals

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