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British Coatings Federation Challenges REACH Implementations in the Industry

Published on 2012-12-05. Author : SpecialChem

Costs of implementing REACH have already exceeded the €2.1 billion estimate and the legislation has only just reached its half way point says Tom Bowtell, CEO of the British Coatings Federation (BCF).

"In addition to the costs of implementation, the costs associated with registering raw materials could possibly deter innovation at time when this is vital for industry growth, and this is a growing concern to the paint sector. With significant potential for raw materials to be withdrawn at short notice as we head towards the next deadline of June 2013, this investment in innovation can't be underestimated."

As substances start to be placed on the Candidate List for Authorization, users along the supply chains are having to work together to generate information to prove that these materials can be safely used. Whilst this is, in itself, a good thing, the industry is finding that there are significant cost and resource implications. The BCF believe this is stretching small and medium sized enterprises who are struggling to find the time and money to support substances that have been safely used, with appropriate controls, for years.

"As we already know one of the existing side-effects of the current REACH implementations is the huge extended safety data sheets, the most extreme one I've seen reached 400 pages. Industry is trying to find practical ways of sifting this data, so as only to pass on information that is meaningful and to avoid overloading end-users. Unless the coatings industry can find a way of doing this, REACH will have failed as end-users will be swamped and will not be able to interpret this information. There is a fear that they will be less safe than before REACH!

"The BCF is urging the industry to keep it simple and will be working with the supply chain over the next several months to ensure the transition to the next stage of REACH stays as simple as possible."

About the British Coatings Federation

The British Coatings Federation is the sole Trade Association representing the interests of the decorative, industrial, powder, printing ink and wallcovering industries - Britain's most visible industry.

The BCF's prime functions are:

  • to promote and to protect the interests of its members.
  • to encourage the prosperity of the industry.
  • to improve the business climate in which the industry operate.
  • to provide an interface between the industry and the Government, other industry and non-industry organizations, the media and the general public.

Source: British Coatings Federation

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