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Bluestar Silicones Grabs Techtextil Innovation Prize for its Silicone-based Warp Knitted Textiles

Published on 2013-06-03. Author : SpecialChem

The Techtextil Innovation Prize for new material recognizes Bluestar Silicones and its Silicotex partners for their outstanding development and launch of silicone based warp knitted textiles.

Bluestar Silicones, as a partner within the Silicotex project, a project supported by the textiles cluster Techtera, has developed in cooperation with Massebeuf Textiles and MDB Texinov a new range of highly flexible textiles to be used in medical applications, the composites industry and technical wear. These innovative textiles are knits, made with yarns that have been precisely sheathed with a specific silicone elastomer.

Partnership for innovation

This silicone elastomer was developed by Bluestar Silicones. The challenge was to design a product with the best profile in terms of viscosity and reactivity for the sheathing process, as well as mechanical properties and adhesive strength on the yarns in order to deliver durable protection.

Massebeuf Textiles has developed an innovative process for the coating of the yarns, ensuring optimized silicone deposition and curing, as well as the proper post-treatment for the yarns to be further used in knitting.

MDB Texinov has then taken the lead to produce new knits and 3D structures with these specially coated yarns that can be polyamide, polyester or glass fibers based, designing totally new textile solutions for various applications.

New applications for technical textiles

Among these applications, a new 3D knit has been developed for wound care: the upper side of the dressing is made with such sheathed yarns, enabling a perfect release of the dressing from regenerative tissues.

Moreover, the high level of conformability provided by the knitted structure enables a perfect adaptation to the wound geometry. This technology on glass fibers has also proven to be very useful in the composite industry, for which very stretchable knitted structures with very good resistance to temperature cycles have been developed.

"The use of these new yarns clearly opens new possibilities in the design of textile structures, as the silicone protection directly on yarns enables much higher flexibility of knits than continuous coatings. On top of that, silicone sheathed glass fibers will definitely bring improved mechanical and thermal properties to technical textiles." says Pierre Defaux, Bluestar Silicones' Global Market Manager for Textile Coating.

Advanced R&D program

"This award highlights the quality and the performance of our R&D teams all over the world and our capacity to bring innovative solutions to the market" says Louis Vovelle, Innovation & Strategy VP of Bluestar Silicones.

"This prize rewards also our partnership in this collaborative project, Silicotex, involving different companies & academic labs through the textile cluster Techtera. Our willingness to be part of these collaborative projects is key to network and develop new competencies and to give reality to one of the most innovative products at this date in the medical & composite fields".

Discover this innovating product as well as the whole of the Bluestar Silicones Textile coating range during Techtxtil 2013 on Hall 3.1 stand B87

About Techtextil 2013

Techtextil is the international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens. Held every two years, Techtextil brings together all areas of application and product groups on an unrivalled international innovation platform. Around 36,000 trade visitors and approx. 1,530 exhibitors should attend Techtextil 2013 which will take place at Messe Frankfurt - Germany on 11-13 June 2013.

The Techtextil-Innovation Prize brings the latest developments into view, encourages unconventional thinking, and intensifies communication among researchers, manufacturers and users. New ideas, visions or concepts are also considered. The developments are to be connected with the manufacture or use of technical textiles, nonwovens or textile-reinforced materials.

About Techtera

Created in 2005 in Lyon (France), Techtera is THE innovation cluster for textiles and flexible materials of the Region Rhône-Alpes. It gathers 112 members: companies, research laboratories, technical centers, universities and prestigious engineering schools. 237 R&D projects have been aided by the cluster, between 2005 and 2012, among which 123 have been approved and funded. At the end of the study carried out in the first half of 2012 by assessors of the BearingPoint-Erdyn-Technopolis consortium, mandated by the State for the second phase in the national assessment of the innovation cluster policy, Techtera ranks in the top 20 "high performance" clusters.

About Bluestar Silicones

Bluestar Silicones is one of the world's leading manufacturers of silicones. With over 50 years' solid expertise in its field, Bluestar Silicones offers a complete range of silicone products in energy, electronics, aviation, automobiles, construction, cosmetics, paramedical, moldings, paper and textile coating and antifoam solutions.

A subsidiary of China National Bluestar Corp, Bluestar Silicones' turnover is around €600 million. To ensure optimal service quality, Bluestar Silicones employs nearly 3,000 people throughout the world.

Source: Bluestar Silicones

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