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Bluestar Silicones at AIRBAG 2012: to Present its Silicone Technology for Airbag Coatings

Published on 2012-11-28. Author : SpecialChem

During AIRBAG 2012, Bluestar Silicones will present the latest silicone technology for airbag coatings. It includes the recent developments of Textile Coating Systems which exhibit a higher level of compatibility with the new fabrics that are being investigated by the industry.

Offering a higher set of performances, as well as a durable adhesion onto standard and new textiles, is a way to support safety systems manufacturers in designing better airbags, while achieving cost reduction through innovation.

Silicones for Higher Efficiency

When an airbag deploys, its synthetic fabric has to withstand high pressure and temperatures that sometimes exceed 1000°C. Highly durable, gas-tight fabrics are the key to perfect timing, in order to fully protect the car's occupants. To achieve this performance, airbag fabrics are coated with a thin silicone layer on the inside.

Silicones for Enhanced Protection

Bluestar Silicones' coatings provide:

  • Good air-tightness, very important in the case of rollover airbags;
  • High temperature stability and thermal protection of the synthetic fabric;
  • Low coefficient of friction to ensure that airbags inflate uniformly after being tightly packed in the module;
  • High durability of performance: the airbag must always inflate perfectly, even after years of service;
  • Mechanical resistance: a silicone coating will enhance the fabric's tear and seam resistance.

Silicones for Productivity and Cost Reduction

In addition to these coating solutions, Bluestar Silicones has developed a range of products for airbag assembly and bonding. Whilst silicone can be used to protect traditional seams, it also enables seamless assembly with silicone elastomers. This bonding technique offers additional features such as added strength, sealing, pressure resistance and airbag wall homogeneity. Beyond the technical benefits, bonding silicones also have an economic advantage because they reduce the weight of the fabrics, enabling better and easier-to-make cushion designs.

With its latest silicone innovations, Bluestar Silicones helps safety systems manufacturers to develop solutions for lighter, smaller and cost effective airbags, in accordance with market needs.

About Airbag 2012

The 11th Airbag Symposium in 2012 will again be a meeting place for engineers, scientists, legislators, managers and marketing experts to exchange information, to make and improve contacts, to stimulate further progress and to promote advanced car passenger safety systems on an impartial platform. Sophisticated car occupant systems such as airbags and belt restraint systems represent the most rapidly increasing market for safety devices in recent times. Although the benefits are well known to experts, there is clearly a need for close cooperation between all interested parties.

About Bluestar Silicones

Bluestar Silicones is one of the world's leading manufacturers of silicones. With over 50 years' solid expertise in its field, Bluestar Silicones offers a complete range of silicone products in energy, electronics, aviation, automobiles, construction, cosmetics, paramedical, molding, paper and textile coating and antifoam solutions. A subsidiary of China National Bluestar Corp, Bluestar Silicones' turnover is around €600 million. To ensure optimal service quality, Bluestar Silicones employs nearly 3,000 people throughout the world.

Source: Bluestar Silicones

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