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BITEC in the UAE Takes Airless Spraying to the Next Level

Published on 2008-03-31. Author : SpecialChem

For the past 21 years, BITEC has been distributing GRACO products in the United Arab Emirates. When GRACO introduced the new generation of NXT airless sprayers in a market where The King® ruled for as long as it did, some eyebrows were raised.

This soon turned into an air of optimism and excitement once the BITEC sales teams attended GRACO's NXT launch held earlier last year in Dubai. The Managing Director of BITEC, Mr. Ron Moor, exclaims: "My lads have been selling GRACO Kings® for the past 20 years, and have been competing favourably against traders importing GRACO King® copies from The Far East. When we saw GRACO's new revolutionary airless sprayer design, we immediately knew that this product would be a champion. The NXT airless sprayers are affordable and offer an assortment of features and benefits, which will make contractors think twice before purchasing counterfeit airless sprayers."

BITEC has also been awarded for the third year running with GRACO's prestigious million-dollar achievement award for annual purchases with GRACO surpassing one million dollars.

BITEC's sales engineer Sunil Kavya was determined to be the first in his team to sell a NXT airless sprayer. When Sunil's customer Mechanical Engineering Services had to purchase additional airless sprayers for a project, Sunil promptly introduced Mechanical Engineering to GRACO's new NXT airless sprayer.

Mechanical Engineering Services are a contractor, currently coating manhole covers with an epoxy topcoat. "We have been purchasing the GRACO King® for a long time" said Mr. Karanbir Singh, Managing Director of Mechanical Engineering. "The King® has always served us well as a reliable and robust product. When Sunil presented the new GRACO NXT features to us, we were keen to try it out by purchasing some units from BITEC".

Mr. Singh noted the following exceptional benefits of DataTrak for his company.

  • Runaway control to reduce material losses.
  • Track usage for setting up maintenance schedules.
  • Pump diagnostics to reduce downtime.

Other features of the new NXT sprayers that stood out for Mechanical Engineering Services and BITEC's sales engineers were the integrated air control valves and pressure gauge. With the now obsolete King® units, the unit air regulator controls were located behind the unit. The NXT air controls are located conveniently in the front of the unit.

Due to the high air humidity in Dubai during May and October, Mr. Singh has opted to take advantage of the optional upgradeable moisture separator, which can be fitted on the new NXT air controls. "This will greatly reduce air motor wear and tear," exclaimed Sunil Kavya.

The manhole covers being painted forms part of the billion dollar building projects currently undertaken in Dubai. The NXT X60 was selected for this application, applying Hempel Paints product Hempadur 3553, a 97% solvent free epoxy paint.

Source: GRACO

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