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Biorizon Calls for Participation in its Research 'Sugars to Bio-aromatics'

Published on 2015-05-28. Author : SpecialChem

Over the last months Shared Research Center Biorizon has been busy developing new routes to biobased aromatics and applying for innovation funds to secure its groundbreaking research. Currently Biorizon offers several opportunities for global leaders in the fields of feedstock, conversion, equipment and end products to participate in research concerning 'Sugars to Bio-aromatics'.

Currently (summer of 2015) Biorizon calls for participants in the following projects:

1. Project: 'Furanic intermediates & aromatic derivatives', in the Strategic Innovation Program 'Biorefinery for raw material availability and flexibility' of TNO-Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research.
2. BIO-HArT project: 'Biorizon Innovation and Upscaling of Renewable Aromatics Technology'. (In Dutch: 'Biorizon Innovatie en Opschaling van Hernieuwbare Aromaten Technologie'.)

Outlook Horizon 3 'Sugars to Aromatics'

Outlook Horizon 3 'Sugars to Aromatics'
Fig. 1: Outlook Horizon 3 'Sugars to Aromatics'

The figure above illustrates the technology of Biorizon's Horizon 3, which transforms carbohydrates from biomass into aromatic compounds through furanic intermediates. In the current projects (& -proposals), Biorizon aims to improve already well-performing chemistry for each of these processing blocks, to translate the obtained knowledge into scalable (continuous) process technology and to invest in bench-scale facilities (1-10 liter per hour throughput) in which the first steps of scale-up of these processes can be studied.

In the near future Biorizon is expected to call for participants in projects concerning the:

1. development of new routes (increased atom-efficiency, improved yield, new aromatics) toward aromatic compounds;
2. development of chemistry toward dienophiles (acetylene/acrylate derivatives);
3. development of protocol that integrates diene production with Diels-Alder chemistry whilst minimizing the required DSP; and
4. development of derivatization chemistry on aromatics.

As such, Biorizon and partners obtain knowledge about efficient chemistry toward renewable aromatics and gain insight in scale-up principles of effective process technology. The combination of this knowledge with the experimental facilities at bench-scale ensures a smooth development trajectory toward implementation of bio-aromatics.

About Biorizon

Biorizon, previously known as 'Shared Research Center Biobased Aromatics', is a cross-border initiative between TNO, VITO and the Green Chemistry Campus and is part of Biobased Delta. Biorizon focuses on the technology development for the production of biobased aromatics for performance materials, chemicals & coatings. The ambition is to become one of the world's top centers in this field within five years.

Source: Biorizon

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