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Big three U.S. Automakers Renew Approvals of BASF Refinish Coatings

Published on 2005-04-20. Author : SpecialChem

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., -- DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation have renewed their approval of BASF's refinish systems for warrantied repairs. The approvals follow a series of rigorous and comprehensive technical evaluations at BASF's Southfield, Mich., site.

"These approvals mean that dealerships as well as independent collision repair shops that use BASF's R-M and Glasurit systems are using the same high-quality products that have been approved by some of the world's leading car companies," said Joe Skurka, Manager, Original Equipment Manufacturer and Industry Relations, for BASF's Automotive Refinish business in North America.

"For shops as well as the car companies, a quality repair is an important customer satisfaction measurement," said Skurka. "Car owners expect the paint repairs on their cars to match the original factory finish, and they know that a quality repair helps maintain the car's resale value. For that reason, major manufacturers have established stringent specifications for refinish paints to ensure that vehicles are restored as closely as possible to their original condition."

Skurka explained that automakers grant their approvals only after closely evaluating the results from a battery of tests conducted at BASF's test labs. "Our refinish paints undergo extensive testing similar to that undergone by our OEM coatings," said Skurka. "The quality and performance of refinish systems have been improved significantly over the years in order to match an OEM finish as closely as possible."

Testing of refinish systems is continuous as new products are introduced and existing ones are improved. Resistance to weathering, chipping, stains and corrosion are among the properties evaluated. Some tests, like long-term weathering, take years to complete, although BASF's test labs use sophisticated equipment that accelerates the effects of environmental conditions.

After its own exhaustive evaluations, BASF conducts a technology review for each OEM. Typically, more than 500 test panels are displayed at each review, and every panel is closely examined by a paint expert from the automaker.

"BASF brings a special expertise to developing high-performance refinish paints," said Skurka. "Because BASF is a leading supplier of coatings for new cars, our refinish business is able to stay abreast of evolving paint technologies worldwide. We apply that knowledge to develop refinish systems that match the appearance and performance of original factory finishes. Nearly every manufacturer selling vehicles in North America recognizes Glasurit and R-M paints as meeting its standards for repairing its vehicles."

Automakers publish a list of the approved paint systems for distribution to their dealers and to independent collision repair facilities. "The list of approved repair systems is an important customer-satisfaction tool for dealers and independent shops," said Skurka. "A high customer-satisfaction rating helps build long-term customer loyalty and helps attract new business, which is important for the OEMs as well as the shop."

R-M is a registered trademark of BASF Corporation. Glasurit is a registered trademark of BASF Coatings AG. Helping Make Products Better is a trademark of BASF Corporation.

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