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BelAire Displays Installs Fujifilm's Inca Onset S40i Digital Press in North America

Published on 2012-10-22. Author : SpecialChem

VALHALLA, N.Y. -- BelAire Displays, a San Francisco Bay Area-based leading provider of retail in-store solutions and large-format graphics for international brands, recently installed Fujifilm's Inca Onset S40i digital press - the first of its kind installed in North America. The press was installed with Fujifilm Uvijet OZ ink, designed as a more flexible ink to provide higher performance across a broad range of substrates. The installation has increased BelAire Displays' competitive advantage and profitability, especially in comparison with using a midrange wide format press.

BelAire Displays was founded in 1959 and quickly established its reputation in the retail space as a problem-solver in large-format graphics and in-store marketing for the advertising industry. The company's engineering capabilities makes them the go-to partner for complex challenges. As the retail space continues to evolve, BelAire Displays is always seeking more efficient and higher quality digital solutions for shorter print run lengths to compliment their screen printing capability for high-quantity orders. For BelAire Displays the Inca Onset S40i was the right solution.

"We reviewed all available solutions in the marketplace and the Onset S40i delivered the best quality of print across various images and solids at the highest speeds in the industry," said Christopher Shadix, President, BelAire Displays. "We can now do more jobs for clients requiring only digital print quality and we are better equipped to handle their shorten deadlines. We have already increased our overall capacity with our retail customer base's current busy season."

The Onset S40i was installed at BelAire Displays in early September. Within its first week with the new printer, BelAire printed 17,000 square feet in one day - a quantity and timeframe that was not possible prior to the installation. The job called for a three-panel, 8' tall X 58" wide display made up of one single image, with a barrier laminate and two different images on each side for a large window mural to be used in 360 different retail locations. The design required sheet-to-sheet color matching, a task made easier by the Onset S40i.

The new installation has reduced the number of man-hours BelAire Displays spends on jobs. For example, for a run of 300 posters, the Onset S40i cut the time in half not taking into account the make-ready time typically spent on screen making necessary for inline printing. Additionally, a typical job on an inline machine requires three attendants monitoring the process while only one is required to run the Onset S40i.

"I am very impressed with every aspect about the Onset S40i - the installation, how well it runs, the design, the automation and of course the ink," said Shadix. "The flexibility of the Uvijet OZ ink is a true commercial advantage as it holds up under extreme circumstances."

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FUJIFILM North America Corporation, a marketing subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation consists of five operating divisions and one subsidiary company. The Imaging Division sells consumer and commercial photographic products and services including film, one-time-use cameras, online photo services and fulfillment, digital printing equipment and service. The Electronic Imaging Division markets consumer digital cameras. The Motion Picture Division provides motion picture film, and the Graphic Systems Division supplies products and services to the printing industry. The Optical Devices Division provides binoculars, and optical lenses for closed circuit television, videography, cinematography, broadcast and industrial markets. FUJIFILM Canada Inc. markets a range of Fujifilm products and services.

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FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, brings continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of industries, including electronic imaging, digital printing equipment, medical systems, life sciences, graphic arts, flat panel display materials, and office products, based on a vast portfolio of digital, optical, fine chemical and thin film coating technologies. The company was among the top 10 companies around the world granted U.S. patents in 2011, and in the year ended March 31, 2012, had global revenues of $27.8 billion*. (* At an exchange rate of 79 yen to the dollar)

Source: Fujifilm

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