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Becker Germany invests in NIR lab equipment

Published on 2006-10-04. Author : SpecialChem

A full NIR® (Near Infrared) Coil Technicum from AdPhos AG, comprising six modules, was installed at Becker Industrielack GmbH's Dormagen facility in Germany at the end of last year. In addition to this investment, Becker Germany fitted out a new application laboratory with a pretreatment section and a tripleroller lab-scale coater.

Becker Germany invests in NIR lab equipment

In line with its determination to support customers with the very latest in paint technology, Becker Germany's decision to invest in this leading-edge NIR® equipment ensures the company's continued ability to supply optimised paint formulations, tailored to the most demanding applications. Customers that invest in NIR® Curing Technology for their galvanising and coil-coating lines can relax in the knowledge that coatings from Becker Germany are formulated to their precise requirements and performance specifications.

The NIR® system comprises reflector modules, six NIR® radiator modules and two ventilation modules. Three NIR® radiators are located on either side of the line. Each radiator features six emitters.

The NIR® Coil Technicum can be used to determine and define NIR® parameters for industrial production lines under realistic laboratory conditions. Focused cure times range from 2.5 to 4 seconds.

Since delivery and installation of the equipment, an ambitious series of curing tests has been conducted to optimise coating formulations, to satisfy the highly varied product specifications submitted by individual customers.

This test programme has evolved from tests conducted earlier at the AdPhos laboratory. The new series of tests has been designed to confirm whether the excellent results previously achieved can be replicated on Becker Germany's own laboratory equipment.

So far, results have been highly encouraging. Using a number of different polyester formulations, the new NIR® Coil Technicum has produced blister-free surfaces of up to 18-20 µm dry film.

Source: Becker

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