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Bayer Chemicals AG Expands Biocide Production in North America

Published on 2004-05-12. Author : SpecialChem

Leverkusen - With immediate effect, Bayer Chemicals AG, Leverkusen, will take over the production of all the biocidal formulations based on thiabendazole (TBZ) and dibromodicyanobutane (DBDCB) that it acquired from Ondeo Nalco at the end of 2002, manufacturing them for the global market in Wellford, South Carolina, U.S.A. These EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved biocides and their formulations, marketed under the proprietary names TektamerTM, MetasolTM and BiochekTM, were previously still manufactured by Ondeo Nalco. Dr. Jens Lorentzen, Head of Marketing in the Material Protection Products Business Unit of Bayer Chemicals, says: "We have decided to take over the production of these products as well as their marketing to use the available technology basis more strongly for the development and market introduction of new customized formulations, in particular for the North American market. In addition, this step should help us to improve reliability of supply." Bayer Chemicals invested some US$ 500,000 in the expansion of its production facilities for this purpose.

The TektamerTM DBDCB range comprises efficient in-can preservatives for combating bacteria, mold fungi and yeast and is the leading preservative range in the U.S.A. for the adhesives industry. Other important fields of application are mineral slurries, surface coatings, latices, printing inks, waxes and other waterborne industrial products such as household detergents.

The BiochekTM range is also produced in Wellford. This includes patent-protected formulations based on DBDCB and other active ingredients for in-can preservation.

The MetasolTM range comprises the fungicidal active ingredient TBZ in various supply forms for the protection of coatings, plastics and adhesives and paper and cardboard.

The toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of these active ingredients and their formulations have been broadly tested. The products have a beneficial profile, are efficient and safe in their use. According to Lorentzen, these globally registered products, which are already firmly established on the North American market, will in future be marketed more strongly in Europe and Asia too.

Source: Bayer Chemical AG

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