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Unfavorable Conditions Force BASF to Adjust Production & Logistics at its Ludwigshafen Site

Published on 2018-08-16. Author : SpecialChem

Ludwigshafen site WB Emulsion
BASF's Ludwigshafen site

Due to the persistent high temperatures and low water levels in the Rhine, BASF has to adjust production and logistics at its Ludwigshafen site.

Adjusting Production at Ludwigshafen Site

The amount of water withdrawn from the Rhine e.g. for cooling purposes is limited by the authorities; in addition, the re-entry temperature of the cooling water is limited to a certain temperature. To meet these requirements, BASF must gradually adjust production at its Ludwigshafen site.

Moreover, if the water level continues to fall, goods can only be transported over the Rhine to a limited extent. At present - despite the low water level in the Rhine - inland waterway transport can still be maintained through the use of a larger number of vessels. In view of the weather and water level forecasts, BASF is preparing to shift to alternative modes of transport in consultation with its customers.

In individual cases, delivery bottlenecks may occur if the current weather situation persists. BASF is in close contact with its customers in this respect.

Source: BASF
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