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BASF Invests in Effect Pigments Production Capacity, Adds New Grade to its Portfolio

Published on 2018-06-06. Author : SpecialChem

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The demand for effect pigments, which BASF manufactures and sells under its global brand Colors & Effects® is increasing. By 2020, the company will extend its production capacity for Paliocrom® effect pigments by more than 30%.

Investment of Euro 15 Mn

Paliocrom Effect Pigment
Capture the sunset with Paliocrom® Premium Gold EH1
With this investment of about €15 million to the Ludwigshafen and Besigheim sites in Germany, the company underlines its position as one of the leading suppliers of aluminum-based effect pigments which allow customers to create new, trendy coatings with high-quality effects. The investment reflects increasing demand, especially in the area of automotive coatings.

Paliocrom® Premium Gold EH 1

  • The latest addition to the Paliocrom family is the new grade Paliocrom Premium Gold EH 1 (future L 2158), which enriches the golden orange-to-red color range
  • This newly launched product is a highly saturated, mid-shade effect pigment that simultaneously delivers superior travel, gloss, and hiding power, thus supporting modern paint technologies
  • Displaying a unique color appearance in thin-film applications, Paliocrom Premium Gold EH 1 exhibits maximum chroma, lightness, and flop behavior
  • It also features excellent gassing stability and adhesion with just one universal grade and is suitable for solvent- and water-based systems

With its exceptional brilliance and unmatched styling options over a wide color range, Paliocrom Premium Gold EH 1 sets the new benchmark for golden effect pigments.

Source: BASF
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