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BASF & Medi-Solve Coatings Collaborate to Develop Antimicrobial Coatings for Medical Devices

Published on 2011-02-11. Author : SpecialChem

FLORHAM PARK, NJ -- BASF Future Business GmbH and Medi-Solve Coatings LLC have announced a collaboration in the field of antimicrobial coatings for catheters and other minimally invasive medical devices. This collaboration combines Medi-Solve's proprietary AquaCoat® coating technology with BASF Future Business' proprietary HyGentic® silver- based antimicrobial additive platform. Medical device manufacturers will benefit from the enhanced safety and performance of these customized multi-functional coating solutions developed through this collaboration. Both companies will be presenting their respective portfolios at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West Show in Anaheim, California.

BASF Future Business GmbH opens up new business opportunities for BASF, the Chemical Company. "In the area of medical devices materials, we are expanding our offering by developing enabling solutions for our customers in partnership with highly innovative companies such as Medi-Solve Coatings LLC," said Stefan Becker, Senior Manager, BASF Future Business GmbH. "Medi-Solve brings many years of experience in medical device coatings to this collaboration and we are excited to work with their team. New functional materials for medical applications not only improve the standard of medical care for an aging population, but also address important economic needs, such as the cost pressure in the healthcare system," he added.

"Medi-Solve is pleased to collaborate with BASF, a world leader in antimicrobial technology," said Ron Sahatjian, Ph.D, President and CEO of Medi-Solve Coatings. Medi-Solve Coatings will be using its proprietary and patented coating technology to apply BASF's HyGentic® antimicrobial additives to dialysis catheters, PICC lines and other catheters known to have high infection rates in clinical applications. This collaboration benefits clinicians and patients around the world by reducing possible sources of infection and improving the standard of care."

About BASF Future Business GmbH

BASF Future Business GmbH, a 100 percent subsidiary of BASF SE, was founded in April 2001. It aims to open up business areas with above-average growth rates that lie outside BASF's current activities. The company focuses on chemistry-based new materials, technologies and system solutions. BASF Future Business GmbH commissions research from BASF's R&D units and cooperates with startup companies, industrial partners, universities and potential customers. Further activities include acquisition of direct stakes, initiation of joint ventures and provision of venture capital via the subsidiary BASF Venture Capital GmbH.

About Medi-Solve Coatings LLC

Medi-Solve Coatings, a leading innovator in medical device coatings, works exclusively with medical device companies to provide our unique and extensive coating expertise. We are highly regarded coatings experts with over 40 years of industry experience and an in-depth understanding of medical device requirements. From product design through manufacturing, we are dedicated to continually improving our platform and processes for coatings and custom formulations.Medi-Solve Coatings can provide drug-eluting surfaces, anti-microbial surfaces, lubricious surfaces or multi-functional surface properties for your medical device.

BASF - The Chemical Company

BASF is the world's leading chemical company: The Chemical Company. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics and performance products to agricultural products, fine chemicals and oil and gas. As a reliable partner, BASF creates chemistry to help its customers in virtually all industries to be more successful. With its high-value products and intelligent solutions, BASF plays an important role in finding answers to global challenges, such as climate protection, energy efficiency, nutrition and mobility. BASF posted sales of more than €50 billion in 2009 and had approximately 105,000 employees as of the end of the year.

Source: BASF

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