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BASF Coatings de México is honored by General Motors with the “Supplier of the Year” award.

Published on 2005-07-27. Author : SpecialChem

MUNSTER/Mexico-City -- For the second time since 2002, BASF Coatings de Mexico has received the prestigious General Motors Supplier of the Year award for outstanding performance as an automotive coatings supplier for GM's Silao and Ramos Arizpe assembly plants.


The Supplier of the Year award recognizes suppliers that have consistently met the GM's high standards in a number of key areas, including product quality and excellent service. Of approximately 417 GM suppliers in Mexico, only 16 have received the award for 2004. Earlier this year, GM also recognized BASF as a global Supplier of the Year for 2004-the second time since 2002 that BASF has received the global award.

Peter Fischer, Manager Director of BASF Coatings de Mexico, accepted the award from Mr. Jimmy McDonald, GM Executive Director Powertrain Components & Raw Material Global Purchasing and Supply Chain, and Mr. Rafael Laguna, Purchasing Supply Chain Director of GM Mexico, during a ceremony held on June 28th in Mexico City.

"We are very honored to receive this recognition," said Mr. Fischer. "Only a few GM suppliers qualify for the award each year, and we are proud of the fact that BASF is the only coatings supplier to receive the award worldwide as well as in México. This outstanding achievement by BASF de México reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering intelligent solutions that help GM to be more successful."

"To receive the GM Supplier of the Year award means to be recognized as the best among the best, with the best quality, service, technology and price," said Mr. Laguna. "BASF delivers all of those. The BASF 2015 vision is aligned with GM's expectations, and BASF offers something very important that is uniquely focused on GM-the commitment to help GM be more competitive."

Rainer Blair, Group Vice President for BASF's coatings businesses in North America and the Global Automotive Coatings Solutions business, congratulated the employees and management of BASF Coatings de México on their exceptional achievement. "Being recognized as a GM Supplier of the Year is a strong testament to the unique value proposition that BASF brings to its key customers in the automotive OEM industry. This award recognizes BASF's many strengths, including our innovative products and services and our first-class launch management process ", said Blair.

Additional information about BASF Coatings de Mexico

The largest Mexican manufacturing plant of BASF Coatings is located in Tultitlán town, 35 kilometers north of Mexico City. Tultitlán site is a state-of-the-art facility with an annual production capacity of 21,000 tons. Here are produced a high-quality range of innovative automotive OEM coatings, mainly primers, basecoats - solventborne and waterborne- and clearcoats. The other Mexican site of BASF Coatings is a "satellite" coil coatings plant, located in Monterrey, at north of the country, commissioned to produce small batches -1000 liters or smaller- and delivery products to major coil coaters based in the region. BASF Coatings in Mexico employs around 400 people and is certified in the international standards ISO 9001:2000, ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001. In the Mexican market, the company holds the leading position in the automotive OEM coatings segment and is consider as leader of environmental friendly coatings solutions. The company has received the GM Supplier of the Year award and the VW Group Award for suppliers in the NAFTA region.

BASF : A major international player in coatings

BASF Coatings AG belongs to the global Coatings Division of the BASF Group. In 2004 the Coatings Division achieved world sales of 2.0 billion euros. The Coatings Division develops, produces and markets a high-quality range of innovative automotive OEM coatings, automotive refinishes and industrial coatings as well as decorative paints, and also the processes needed to apply them. In this business, eco-efficient water-based, powder and high-solids coatings as well as radiation-curable systems play a special part. In Brazil, the company has been successful in the decorative paints market for years and holds the leading position. BASF has a major, global presence in the Coatings sector, with significant market positions in Europe, North America, South America and the Asia/Pacific region, for example with affiliates in Australia, China, India, Japan, and the Philippines.

Source: BASF

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