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Bartoline's TX10 Paint & Varnish Stripper Now in Streamline Bottles

Published on 2011-01-27. Author : SpecialChem

The excellent working relationship between RPC and Bartoline has been underlined by the use of RPC UKSC's blow moulded 'Image' and 'Streamline' bottles for the launch of Bartoline's innovative TX10 Paint and Varnish Stripper.

In addition to its renowned expertise in wallcovering adhesives, Bartoline also manufactures a range of paint and varnish stripping products. Yet with forthcoming EU legislation prohibiting the use of Methylene Chloride, traditionally a key ingredient in paint strippers, Bartoline has been working for the past year on a new formulation.

"From 6th December 2010, we will not be able to supply formulations incorporating Methylene Chloride to retail outlets," explains Stuart Ockleton of Bartoline. "Although retailers will have another year to clear existing stock, our customers are understandably keen to find an appropriate alternative as quickly as possible."

The result is TX10 Paint and Varnish Stripper, a bio?degradable, water-based solution that is not flammable and has minimal evaporation. Developed to cling to vertical surfaces without dripping, it is effective within half an hour. Two coats can strip up to five layers of paint.

Bartoline's close working relationship with RPC led the company to select RPC UKSC to suggest a suitable pack format. The Image and Streamline containers, blow moulded in HDPE, offer a stylish contoured shape that incorporates an ergonomic handle and a large decoration area for Bartoline's distinctive livery. Crucially, extensive trials also confirmed that the container provided a robust, long-lasting home for the TX10 without any reaction with the formulation.

TX10 Paint and Varnish Stripper is available in 500 ml in the Streamline bottle, plus 1 litre, 2.5 litre and 5 litre sizes in the Image container, all closed with a CRC-accredited cap.

"RPC has once again confirmed its ability to deliver exactly the right packaging solutions to meet the specific functional and branding needs of the product," confirms Stuart Ockleton. "We are confident that TX10 Paint and Varnish Stripper will be a pioneering and popular solution with both retailers and consumers."

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