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Baosteel Supplies Damage-resistant Black Color Coated Plate Designed for Home Appliances

Published on 2012-03-06. Author : SpecialChem

Baosteel, an integrated steel company in China, has recently started supplying black color coated plate designed for home appliance application in bulk to a major household electrical appliance firm in Japan. This bulk order highlights the enhancement in the superiority and quality stability of Baosteel's product and its international competitiveness.

Black color coated home appliance plate has potential applications in household appliances like DVDs, washing machines and refrigerators. The product is resistant to wear and corrosion. However, impurities, particles and surface stripes of the black coating have been difficult to control in different colors and hence, Baosteel has not implemented mass production of the product.

The company has started developing black color coated plates for a Japanese enterprise in 2008. The products have strict requirements on coating performance, stamping performance and material surface properties. As coating performance alone has 30 different indicators, the product development has been very difficult. The company carried out several process quality improvement processes, demanding laboratory tests and pre-production in small and large quantities to overcome the difficulties. Finally, Baosteel was able to break the production issues and solve the quality problems. In addition, it enhances the performance based on user processing needs. In 2012, the company has commenced mass supply of coated products to the Japanese producer.

Currently, Baosteel delivers black color coated home appliance plates to the producer's manufacturing facilities across the world. This increases the monthly supply of the products by 114%. Baosteel will continue to focus on research and development of new products and technologies to meet the requirements of the producer in terms of product range and production cost.

About Baosteel

Baosteel Group Corporation (hereinafter as Baosteel) is a legally incorporated state-owned sole corporation for which the State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission under the State Council performs the duty of investor on behalf of the State Council. Baosteel is entitled to civil rights and assumes civil liabilities according to the laws, and bears the responsibility for corporate liabilities with all of its assets.

Source: Baosteel

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