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Axalta’s Auto and Coating Innovation Symposium Provided Insights into Megatrends

Published on 2018-06-29. Author : SpecialChem

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Axalta has hosted its inaugural Auto and Coating Innovation Symposium jointly with Gasgoo International. The symposium gives attendees insights into Axalta’s innovation and provides an opportunity for participants to discuss automotive industry megatrends as well as how to drive the sustainable development of the automotive and coating industries through innovative technologies.

Discussing Automotive Industry Megatrends

Axalta Symposium
Axalta’s Auto and Coating Innovation Symposium
Provided Insights into Megatrends
More than 80 experts and professionals in the industry are participating in the symposium with the theme, Innovation Drives Growth. The activity-packed, one-day event that features keynote addresses, a panel discussion, an innovation workshop and an exhibition is held at Axalta’s Asia Pacific Technology Center (APTC) on the facility’s first anniversary.

Technology innovation is at the core of our business. Axalta’s growth is driven by continuous investment and commitment to innovation, locally and globally through Axalta’s network,” said Dr Barry Snyder, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Axalta, whose keynote address discussed automobile trends and coating innovations around the world.

Axalta’s innovation focuses on technologies, manufacturing and service approaches. Through advanced manufacturing, Axalta deploys its innovative technologies to produce quality products and offers a range of services to enable a wide range of stakeholders to benefit from coating solutions that last longer, operate more efficiently, and maintain their beautiful appearance for a long time.”

As a company that has been focusing on coatings innovation for more than 150 years, Axalta is helping to shape the growth, direction and fashion trends in the auto industry.”

Gasgoo International Research Institute is leading a discussion on the development trends in the Chinese automobile market and coating industry with symposium attendees. In addition, industrial leaders will participate in a panel discussion on auto trends and coating innovations while a workshop discusses the symposium’s theme, Innovation Drives Growth.

Axalta has developed a keen perception on leading trends in the industry. Globally speaking, there are five megatrends in the auto and coating industries – Future Mobility, Emerging Geographies and OEMs, Advanced Manufacturing, Sustainability, as well as Design and Consumer Preferences,” Steven Markevich, Executive Vice President and President of Global Transportation Coatings and Greater China of Axalta, said.

We bring customers ideas from the coatings perspective to help them innovate for growth and the future, on top of providing solutions. Using our innovative technologies, we can provide OEMs with feasible solutions and help them win market share, thus creating more value for the auto coatings industry.

Insights on Auto Design and Color Trends

At the symposium, the Design Trend Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Axalta’s color design experts shared insights of auto design and color trends.

Elaborate auto design is critical to the success of auto OEMs and color design forms an integral part of auto design and auto styling. With superior color design expertise, Axalta has been working closely with our customers to support them in auto design innovation,” said Markevich.

A coating innovation exhibition showcases the five megatrends in the automobile industry as well as a display on “20 Coating Stories” to highlight some of Axalta’s innovative solutions in the coating industry.

Willie Wu, President of Axalta Greater China, said, “The Chinese manufacturing industry is going through unprecedented transformation, in which innovation will be the key to future development. Today, we are delighted to host the first Auto and Coating Innovation Symposium with Gasgoo International. Our goal is to demonstrate our commitment to innovation.”

We provide superior quality products and services based on our leading manufacturing capability, through which we aim to help customers to achieve success. We intend to work with all industry players to continuously contribute to the industry we serve to boost economic and social development.”

Axalta entered the Chinese market in 1984. Axalta understands the importance of collaboration with auto OEMs, automobile designers, universities and governments to drive innovation. Currently, Axalta has a coating plant in Jiading, Shanghai, and in Changchun, Jilin, as well as five powder coating joint ventures and four refinish training centers. APTC, one of its four global technology centers, was opened on June 15, 2017.

Source: Axalta
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