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Avantium Officially Names its Biorefinery Technology as DAWN

Published on 2018-07-13. Author : SpecialChem

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Avantium has launched DAWN Technology: the future of biorefining. It enables optimal use of non-food, plant-based feedstock and working towards a fossil-free world.

Innovative Process to Convert Plant-based Feedstock into Chemicals

DAWN Technology is an innovative process that converts non-food plant-based feedstock into high purity industrial sugars and lignin. These sugars, such as glucose, are excellent raw materials for chemistry and fermentation processes used to produce a broad range of products. The lignin is dense in energy and ideal for energy generation in addition to other higher value applications.

Avantium’s Aim to License DAWN Technology

Avantium aims to license its proprietary DAWN Technology and foresees its global deployment. Potential partners around the world have expressed interest in licensing DAWN Technology for local deployment.

These partners aim to add value in the form of industrial sugars to their current available feedstocks. The DAWN Technology is feedstock flexible allowing future biorefineries to use its own locally sourced non-food biomass. The Delfzijl biorefinery that Avantium had recently opened will serve as a demonstration facility for these future biorefineries.

To learn more about Avantium’s pilot biorefinery in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, click here.

Source: SpecialChem
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