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AvantGarde became a guerilla

Published on 2007-08-17. Author : SpecialChem

Empils chose an unusual, however efficient guerilla marketing tactics to promote AvantGarde at the market of decorative coatings. During a month the activities targeted at the final consumer of paint and varnish were conducted in 13 cities of Siberia, the Volga region, the Urals, the Far East and the South of Russia. The aim was to attract the attention of customers to the product, to inform about the innovative trademark, to surprise the audience, to stimulate impulse purchases and to make AvantGarde recognizable.

Pictures of AvantGarde cans appeared in the cities, which were attacked by (guerillas). To provoke interest in the trademark, there was no brand on the pictures - just the can. The pictures were on zebra crossings (stencil images), gutters, children's playgrounds and buildings in pedestrian streets (laminated printing products). Depending on the location there were different types of products - for children's rooms, walls, etc.

Carton hangers (hooks) with AvantGarde trademark logotype and slogans (Your neighbors are already painting with AvantGarde!) or (Do you paint with AvantGarde?) were put on the door handles of apartments in new buildings, on the car doors at parking lots near large construction supermarkets and on the doors of construction companies.

Besides there were buses with AvantGarde brands in the city streets to make a tour to the AvantGarde land. There were AvantGarde stickers inside, brushes with AvantGarde were put instead of leather loops on hand rails, in the pockets of seats there were free sweets in AvantGarde wrapping. In every bus there were promoters in snow-white overalls, which were (armed) with loudspeaker horns. They acted out a performance: they were yarning and telling jokes, they were making animals of balloons for children. There were quizzes with prizes for correct answers about repair and painting for passengers. In some regions there was an orchestra in the bus for entertainment of passengers.

The unusual action resulted in increased interest for AvantGarde on the part of final consumers, as it was reported by salespersons of retail outlets. Buses passengers enjoyed the events; and for Empils sales representatives it became easier to expand brand exposure in sales outlets.

Source: Empils

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