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Ashland at CTT Conference: Focuses on NSATs for Wet Film Appearance

Published on 2017-09-15. Author : SpecialChem

One of Ashland’s coatings experts is demonstrating how he is always solving paint rheology challenges via a technical paper presented at the upcoming Coatings Trends & Technologies (CTT) conference in Lombard, IL.

Coatings Trends & Technologies Conference

Ashland NSAT
Ashland at CTT Conference

Ashland Scientist Joseph Ambrosi is presenting “Quantification and Relationships of Nonionic Synthetic Associative Thickeners (NSATs) for Wet Film Appearance During Application” at CTT, which is takeing place Sept. 14 and 15. Ambrosi’s paper was one of 34 selected from 105 proposals submitted.

Coatings formulators always seek a deeper understanding of the relationships and interactions between raw materials so they can provide their customers with easier application and better dry film performance,” said Ambrosi.

Rheology Modifiers to Solve Formulators’ Challenges

He noted that rheology modifiers play a key role in solving formulators’ challenges due to complex interactions with both pigments and the binder system through changing shear conditions.

Relating the chemistries of various NSATs to the measurements of speed, distance, and energy an applicator exerts to apply a paint would help quantify optimal paint performance and improve perceived quality,” Ambrosi said.

He will explore the relationships of NSATs with different coating formulations at various viscosities to produce uniform films, improving both the appearance and function of the coating for end users, both homeowners and professionals.

Application Reader Technology (ART) Device

  • Ashland scientists generated the data using the company’s patent-pending Application Reader Technology (ART) device
  • The ART device objectively measures the parameters that comprise paint application feel
  • Unlike subjective evaluation techniques, the ART device generates reliable and quantitative data that enables formulators to better understand differences in paint formulations and to tailor formulations to specific customer preferences for paint feel

Liquid Thickeners for Waterborne Paints & Coatings

  • Ashland offers Aquaflow™ NSATs
  • The efficient liquid thickeners for high performance waterborne paints and coatings, build rheology through self-association and interaction with other ingredients
  • Easy-to-handle Aquaflow liquid rheology modifiers are based on hydrophobically-modified polyacetalpolyether (HM-PAPE) chemistry and are often drop-in replacements for urethane-type (HEUR) thickeners

In waterborne latex paints, Aquaflow XLS NSAT grades improve the usability and efficacy of paints and coatings. They deliver virtually drip-free application, better viscosity retention after tinting, and provide superior flow and leveling to paints and coatings. This helps eliminate brush marks and enhances applied hiding, enabling fewer coats while achieving beautiful, lasting finishes.

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Source: Ashland
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