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Arkema exhibits at ChemSpec Europe 2006 with a large range of products

Published on 2006-06-16. Author : SpecialChem

Specialty Thiochemicals, with a full range of organosulfur derivatives:

  • Sodium methyl mercaptan (SMM) available in wide-ranging grades, i.e. 21%, 27% or 33% aqueous solutions, or methanol solutions, in drum or in bulk. Applications include pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, chemical synthesis and polymers.
  • Thioglycolic Acid and Derivatives, used primarily as organotin stabilizers for PVC, as well as in the cosmetics market for cold permanent wave preparations and depilatory creams and lotions, oilfield chemicals, and leather processing.
  • An extensive Sulfonyl range, with Methane Sulfonic Acid (MSA) and Methane Sulfonic Chloride (MSC), and other Alkane Sulfonyls. Sulfonyls are used in various markets from pharmaceuticals and esterification catalysis to electroplating as an electrolyte (E-PURE MSA®).
  • Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is used as a solvent in electronics, and is indispensable in agrochemicals, fine chemical organic and polymer synthesis.
  • Arkema also serves the polymer market with its wide range of Chain Transfer Agent (CTA) mercaptans such as tertio-dodecylmercaptan (TDM) and n-octylmercaptan (NOM), and offers thiopolymer modifiers such as DMDO (1,8-dimercapto 3,6-dioxaoctane).

Specialty and Alkyl Amines (AA), alkyl alkanolamines (AAA) and alkyl hydroxylamines (DEHA) represent a complete product portfolio for a wide range of markets such as pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, cosmetics, coatings, lubricants, polymers, and water treatment. Arkema has been producing amines for over 50 years.

Hydrazine Hydrate and Salts, azoic and triazolic derivatives, whose purity and quality are well-known throughout the world. Arkema's Hydrazine Hydrate and Derivatives play a major role and offer optimum performance in various applications: agrochemicals (intermediates for the synthesis of thousands of plant protection products), pharmaceuticals (precursors in anticancer drugs, antibacterial drugs, diuretics, etc.), also in chemicals synthesis, water treatment, blowing agents for plastics and elastomers, etc.

A broad range of Specialty Epoxides and Derivatives, including Vikolox® Alpha Olefin Oxides, Vikopol™ Polybutene Epoxides, Vikonol™ 1,2-Dihydroxy Alkanes, Vikoflex® Epoxidized Vegetable Oils and Esters, Soybean Oil Polyols, Alpha Pinene and Limonene Oxides, Campholenic Aldehyde, various developmental products, tolling services and custom synthesis.

Our Peroxides and Derivatives can be used as acid and mercaptan scavengers, crosslinking agents, reactive diluents and chemical intermediates in lubricants, metal working fluids, fuel additives, hydraulic and functional fluids, personal care products, polyurethanes, paints, coatings, sealants, adhesives, inks, surfactants, UV/EB curing applications, and various other specialty chemicals applications. Arkema is a world leader in oxirane technology.

Castor Oil chemicals, with glycerine, heptaldehyde, heptanol and esterol, methyl undecylenate, and undecylenic and heptanoic acids. All of the performance products are exceptional and unique in their characteristics and properties, and find applications from perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals to technical products (lubricants, metal working fluids, polymers and plasticizers, etc.).

A global chemical player, Arkema combines 3 related and integrated business segments: Vinyl Products, Industrial Chemicals, and Performance Products. Present in over 40 countries with 18,400 employees, Arkema achieves sales of 5.7 billion euros (2005). With its 6 research centers in France, the United States and Japan, and internationally recognized brands, Arkema holds leadership positions in its principal markets.

Source: Arkema

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