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ANGUS at CTT: Focuses on Amine Neutralizer for Industrial & Automotive Coatings

Published on 2017-09-15. Author : SpecialChem

ANGUS is giving a presentation on a new amine neutralizer for industrial and automotive coatings at the Coatings Trends and Technologies Conference. ANGUS works on solutions-driven multifunctional additives for a broad range of applications.

New Amine Neutralizer for Industrial & Automotive Coatings

ANGUS WB Industrial coating
ANGUS at CTT: Focuses on Amine Neutralizer
for Industrial & Automotive Coatings

Automotive coatings formulators focus on energy savings and simultaneously coating multiple substrates such as plastics metals.

New DMMOPA ( N,N-DiMethyl-3-MethOxyPropylAmine )

  • It is a new amine developed by ANGUS for water-based coatings 
  • Key physical parameters include: 
    • Low-intermediate boiling point 
    • Azeotrope with H2O
    • Tertiary, no reactive
  • DMMOPA shows better curing properties than DMEA in WB 1K polyol MF-cured coatings
  • It is much more fugitive than DMEA from aliphatic and aromatic carboxylate ammonium salt enabling:
    • Lower curing temperatures and potentially faster curing times
    • Better film properties including film hardness and water resistance
  • It is more resistant to yellowing than other typical organic amines such as TEA, DMEA 

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Source: ANGUS
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