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Ameron Opens Branch in Korea

Published on 2005-03-03. Author : SpecialChem

PASADENA, Calif. -- Ameron International Corporation (NYSE:AMN - News) is pleased to announce the opening of a new branch in Busan, Korea. The Far East is one of the most important and fastest growing markets for marine and offshore coatings. Ameron Korea has been opened to directly sell into and service this strategically important marine marketplace with Ameron's unique coatings range for new construction and maintenance. Han Jin, Ameron's existing Korean licensee, will manufacture for Ameron under a toll manufacturing agreement. Han Jin will continue as Ameron's licensee to sell into Korean offshore and industrial markets.

Ameron has been a leader in the field of industrial and marine coatings for over 50 years. The Company specializes in advanced technology products and has earned an international reputation as an innovative, ecologically-concerned company.

Three examples from Ameron's advanced product range include:

  • ABC®3 is a self-polishing antifouling based on a unique terpolymer resin. It effectively controls the growth of slime, shell and weed fouling for periods up to 60 months by the controlled delivery of the tin-free biocide package over the life of the system. ABC®3 is unique because it is the only tin-free, five-year antifouling that has a well-proven track record of longer than 20 years.
  • ABC® release is a silicone-based elastomeric hull coating system. It is the next step in the evolution of foul-release/biocide-free materials designed to control the build-up of marine fouling on underwater hulls and in other immersion services. Fouling that does occur is easily removed by the movement of the vessel, light non-abrasive scrubbing or pressure washing during dry-docking. ABC release offers one system for all vessel types and speeds, low organic solvent content (low VOC) and a formula that contains no biocides, copper or tin.
  • Amercoat® 240 is a unique surface-tolerant epoxy coating for direct-to-metal application that combines excellent edge coverage with the ability to cure down to temperatures as low as 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C). This coating can enable work to continue throughout the year, minimizing downtime and surface preparation costs, and can extend periods between maintenance.

Mr. Y. K. Kim is the General Sales Manager for Ameron Korea.

Ameron International Corporation is a multinational manufacturer of highly-engineered products and materials for the chemical, industrial, energy, transportation and infrastructure markets. Traded on the New York Stock Exchange (AMN), Ameron is a leading producer of water transmission lines; high-performance coatings and finishes for the protection of metals and structures; fiberglass-composite pipe for transporting oil, chemicals and corrosive fluids and specialized materials and products used in infrastructure projects. The Company operates businesses in North America, South America, Europe, Australasia and Asia. It also participates in several joint-venture companies in the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt.

Cautionary statement for purposes of the "Safe Harbor" provisions of The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Any statements in this report that refer to the estimated or anticipated future results of Ameron International Corporation ("Ameron" or the "Company") are forward-looking and reflect the Company's current analysis of existing trends and information. Actual results may differ from current expectations based on a number of factors affecting Ameron's businesses, including competitive conditions and changing market situations. Matters affecting the economy generally, including the state of economies worldwide, can affect Ameron's results. Forward-looking statements represent the Company's judgment only as of the date of this report. Since actual results could differ materially, the reader is cautioned not to rely on these forward-looking statements. Moreover, Ameron disclaims any intent or obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

Source: Ameron International Corporation

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