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Alocit Australasia Pty Ltd (AAL): World First Rust-Busting Hand Gun

Published on 2004-08-24. Author : SpecialChem


PERTH, Australia -- There is a unique new weapon in the multi billion dollar battle against corrosion on the market.

The hand-held Slugger 170 comes hot on the heels of the success of its big brother, the full-scale Enviropeel Applicator. Both units are designed to apply the revolutionary Enviropeel system - an environmentally-friendly, reusable, anti-corrosion barrier coating that is unique, both in its effectiveness and the way that it works.

Unlike other systems, Enviropeel not only provides passive protection, with an all-encompassing barrier against the effects of corrosive environments, but also active protection from the powerful built-in corrosion inhibitors which it continually releases on to the surfaces of vulnerable areas. Both the 'Slugger' and the standard Enviropeel applicator achieve this by spraying a perfectly fitting layer of thermoplastic on to any size or shape of substrate, instantly forming a resilient, impervious coating that protects for the lifetime of the system.

The key advantages of the new Slugger 170 are its light weight, versatility and low cost. A complete kit, comprising carry case, detachable 6m hose, water separator, safety glasses, gloves and the Slugger unit, weighs only 9 kilos and will retail for just GBP954 or $A2,500. The Slugger hand-gun itself weighs only 2 kilos yet can spray up to 3.5 kilos of material an hour using 40mm x 43mm diameter slugs of Enviropeel.

Although originally conceived as a portable repair unit for existing Enviropeel applications, the Slugger has shown itself capable of much more. Its ability to provide tailor-made bolt caps, protective systems for fasteners, small flanges and many other small-scale applications make it the perfect anti-corrosion tool for both marine and dry-land environments.

With widespread use by oil and gas companies around the world and recent enthusiastic endorsement from its successful introduction into the Australian mining industry, Enviropeel is developing new approaches to corrosion control. The new Slugger 170 adds portability and accessibility to a system which has been described by an internationally-recognised marine standards setting organisation as being the only available system that offers on-site protection for bolted systems in corrosive marine environments.

The Slugger 170, Enviropeel, its larger application unit and the Alocit range of epoxy paints and coatings are produced by the Alocit Group, with operational bases in the UK, US and Australia.

Source: Alocit Australasia Pty Ltd (AAL)

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