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Al-Jazeera Paint Exhibits Smart Paints, an Environment-friendly Collection

Published on 2015-01-02. Author : SpecialChem

With attendance of more than 650 consultants, engineers and specialized contractors in the Ritz Hotel hall in Riyadh recently, Al-Jazeera Paints, the giant of high quality paints industry in the Middle East and surrounding regions showcased its most modern "Smart Paint" collection with its   outstanding characteristics and features along with extraordinary qualities. It was designed to allow for maximum endurance and withstand all different outdoor durability yet making it suitable for all usages and environments. The collection maintains the health of people and sustainable of environment alike. It is also highly efficient and harmonizes with the requirements of modern life. 

The "Smart Paints" collection was innovated as a result of deep study performed by Al-Jazeera Paints at the aim of catering for the needs of all different kind of segments in the world of paints thus providing qualities that must be included in paints. The research & development center of Al-Jazeera Paints, which is one of the most outstanding research centers in the region, included all the requirements that must be part of paints based on the findings of the said study. It yet meets the sustainability requirements, high endurance, efficiency, multi usages qualities in addition to interacting with the surrounding in the same collection. 

According to the study, the paints must have high endurance in all conditions, whether they are exterior paints that is expected to resist harsh weather conditions like sun waves, high temperatures, dust, rain and other factors while keeping their color retention and strong adhesion without any defects , or interior paints  that is expected to keep their  color retention  and  ability to be washed and cleaned. The paints must also be environmentally responsible without having negative impact on people health and the environment for those who apply it and the inhabitants of the buildings. It must also be efficient seeing that a wide range of colors is needed, such efficiency that is needed to perform the task expected from it in the best way possible such as the protective paints and be easy to apply along with availability  of their  application tools  and color retention  during maintenance and the need of repainting. 

The "Smart Paints" collection is a wide range of assortment including (Oxycare)- the  healthiest  paint that purifies the indoor  air of the buildings and improves its quality by using the Formaldehyde – Lock  technology  to absorb it from its various sources .It is used in all the rooms of the house along with hospitals and patients` rooms. It is available in a wide range of colors. It also includes (Al-Jazeera Novel) which stands out in its colors freshness, easy to clean, low odor, resistance to flames and microbes qualities. The paint also bestows grandeur and elegance to places that use its colors and impart them spaciousness and an elegant final touch that is unmatched along with providing a healthy environment for building inhabitants. Moreover it includes (Al-Jazeera Antimicrobic Agion) the first paint in the Middle East that kills microbes using silver ionic technology. It disinfects to avoid the harm of microbes and mitigate the infection in delivery and surgery rooms in hospitals and medical labs along with food manufacturing and packing plants. 

The collection includes also (Al-Jazeera Fire Damp) as a fire-resistance paint, (Al-Jazeera Rival) which combats graffiti, (Al-Jazeera Ultimate) which remedies cracks, (Al-Jazeera Royal Grand) which is an anti-carbonation paint and (Al-Jazeera Afro) which is related to road pavement and floors.

About Al-Jazeera Paints

Al-Jazeera Paints Company, was established in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 1979, as a small company with high aspirations and ambitions. In a short period of time, and as a result of the vision and dedication of the founders, the efforts have succeeded in laying strong grounds for a pioneering company in the paint industry in the GCC countries and the Middle East at large. In this context, the company became a pioneer in manufacturing and developing innovative, high quality and environmentally responsible paints, designed to meet the requirements and needs of a wide range of clients including industrial, commercial and individuals.

Source: Al-Jazeera Paints

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