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AkzoNobel to Renovate Jing’an District’s Historical Locations with its Paints

Published on 2016-08-23. Author : SpecialChem

AkzoNobel and Shanghai Jing'an District Government have signed a strategic memorandum of understanding (MOU) to initiate AkzoNobel China’s first flagship project under its global Human Cities initiative in the district. The partnership aims to revitalize cultural and recreational community spaces to support sustainable community development in Jing’an.

AkzoNobel’s Human Cities Initiative Project

Akzonobel's China Project
AkzoNobel to Renovate Jing’an District’s
Historical Locations with its Paints

In the initial phase of the collaboration, AkzoNobel will help renovate four historical locations in Jing’an by providing products, funding and coating services. The company will help restore the historical Bubbling Well Lane, the Jing’an Culture Center, Siming Sports Lane and Community Culture Service Stations across the district.

“This collaboration is a perfect example of our Human Cities initiative in action, reflecting everything we do with and for society to help communities grow sustainably,” said AkzoNobel CEO Ton Büchner. “Our Human Cities Program in Jing'an will help regenerate historic communities and expand access to sports and culture for local residents. It exemplifies how we seek to make people’s lives more liveable and inspiring by providing everyday essentials.”

In 2015 AkzoNobel collaborated with Shanghai Tongji University and Jing’an District to conduct research for the Human Cities and Sustainable Development Community Program. It was designed to assess the community development needs of Jing’an District, including heritage buildings and public spaces in need of maintenance and restoration. The insights from this study will support this year’s initiative.

“We are honored to be able to work together with the Jing’an government on this community development program,” said Dr. LIN Liangqi, President of AkzoNobel China. “Cities in China are growing faster than ever. For people who live and work in this densely populated commercial district of Shanghai, we hope to preserve their sense of home, identity, and happiness through our efforts.”

Jing'an District has a long history and rich cultural heritage, and its architecture and landmarks reflect Shanghai’s evolution over the past century. Commenting on the agreement, Governor of Jing'an District, LU Xiaodong, said: "Protecting our community’s heritage and culture while promoting sustainable growth is one of the priorities outlined in our Thirteenth Five Year Plan. We welcome corporations to engage in collaborations that support our continuous community development efforts.”

AkzoNobel’s Human Cities initiative was launched globally in 2014 and has since helped create more liveable and inspiring public spaces around the world. In Amsterdam, AkzoNobel helped to restore the famous Rijksmuseum. In the historic state of Malacca in Malaysia, AkzoNobel helped recolor and preserve 26 heritage buildings and monuments at the heart of the state’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. And recently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, AkzoNobel launched the Unexpected Courts program to create areas that inspire children to try out diverse sports in surprising places.

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