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Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes Secures Bus Contract

Published on 2004-10-29. Author : SpecialChem

Akzo Nobel's Car Refinishes has won the contract to supply Sikkens Autocoat® BT for repainting the Cometa fleet of buses operated by Group JCA, a major fleet owner in Brazil.

Cometa Fleet S.A. was incorporated into the JCA Group in 2002, after which a modernization program was launched, which included renewing the fleet. New buses were acquired, including a large number of double deckers, with Cometa now running a fleet of about 730 buses.

As part of the modernization, Cometa Fleet S.A. is also renewing the fleet's image. All buses will repainted to incorporate a visual of Halley's comet and the slogan The Conquest of Space, along with a restyled logo. The company has chosen Akzo Nobel to supply Sikkens Autocoat BT for this rebranding.

"Cometa Fleet S.A. has selected Akzo Nobel because of our customized and efficient Sikkens Autocoat BT paint solutions and the comprehensive package of technical support," said Carlos Morelli, Car Refinishes' business manager commercial vehicles in South America.

"In cooperation with our dedicated distributor, a part of Cometa's fleet will be repainted before December 2004. We are very pleased that Cometa has recognized Sikkens in this way and look forward to working with them in the future."

Group JCA is a major fleet owner in Brazil, which unites several fleet companies besides Cometa Fleet S.A., such as Native of Santa Catarina, 1001, Fast Ribeirão and Macaense. Group JCA operates 46 bus lines in four Brazilian states of Brazil, representing 234,000 kilometers a day.

Source: Akzo Nobel

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