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Air Products Polymers Europe Announces Price Increases for Dispersions

Published on 2004-09-27. Author : SpecialChem

Effective 15th October 2004, Air Products Polymers will increase dispersion prices by € 50.00 per tonne. The price increase will affect Vinylacetate Homopolymers, Vinylacetate-Ehtylene Co-polymers and Ter-polymers, Vinylacetate-Ethylene-Vinylchloride Ter-polymers, Vinylchloride-Ethylene-Acrylate-Ter-polymers, Styrene-Acrylate Co-polymers, which are sold under the brand names Airflex®, Vinac®, Flexbond® and Fleycryl™ dispersions.

The increases are necessary to offset substantial rises in raw material & energy costs associated with the production of these products.

Source: Air Products

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