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Aesculap Launches ArcadiusXP L Interbody Device with Plasmapore®XP Titanium Coating

Published on 2012-10-26. Author : SpecialChem

CENTER VALLEY, PA -- Aesculap Implant Systems debuted the ArcadiusXP L Stand alone Interbody Device for ALIF procedures during the North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting held in Dallas, Texas. The ArcadiusXP L is a stand alone ALIF device that features a Plasmapore®XP coating, an osteoconductive pure Titanium porous coating that enhances implant stability and improves imaging properties. The unique implant design and flexible instrumentation of the ArcadiusXP L Spinal System provide accessibility for screw insertion from various angles.

Aesculap has over 20 years of experience in applying Plasmapore® coatings to Titanium orthopedic and spine implants. Drawing on the success of Plasmapore, Aesculap developed PlasmaporeXP, an osteoconductive pure Titanium porous coating that can be applied to PEEK spinal implants. PlasmaporeXP is an innovative surface enhancing technology with proven biocompatibility.

The ArcadiusXP L brings the market a unique stand alone interbody device that is as simple to use as it is effective. Striving for operational simplicity, the ArcadiusXP L Spinal System was designed for ease in screw insertion. The unique implant features a medial orientation of screw holes to accommodate the diverging bone screw design and provide midline accessibility for screw insertion. The ArcadiusXP L Spinal System offers a comprehensive selection of intuitively designed instrumentation to accommodate steep angles and further assist with ease in screw insertion. The ArcadiusXP L has excellent imaging properties, incorporating the benefits of the PlasmaporeXP coating, which clearly delineates implant contours during imaging, with Tantalum X-Ray marker pins for intraoperative positioning and verification. Optimized stability for the ArcadiusXP L is achieved through the combination of the diverging bone screw design and the roughened surface area provided by the osteoconductive PlasmaporeXP coating. The ArcadiusXP L presents surgeons with the ideal combination of operational simplicity, excellent imaging properties, and optimized stability, offering an intuitive approach to ALIF procedures.

Jeffrey A. Kozak, M.D., of the Fondren Orthopedic Group, Houston, TX said: "The Aesculap ArcadiusXP L implant is the first anterior lumbar stand alone interbody fusion device which marries all characteristics of a state of the art interbody implant with PlasmaporeXP, an osteoconductive, pure Titanium porous PEEK coating. Plasmapore Titanium coating is a tried and true material with more than two decades of success and abundant histologic and biomechanics documentation. The pore size and porosity of Plasmapore fall within the ideal range of surface characteristics for ingrowth behavior, with substantial bony stability in only 3 weeks and bony implant ingrowth in 8 weeks if criteria for bone contact are achieved at the time of surgery. The addition of PlasmaporeXP to PEEK implants is a huge accomplishment, one that will provide for enhanced stability, much faster time to fusion, and a mechanism to establish interbody fusion regardless of grafting materials placed within the implant."

The ArcadiusXP L is a stand alone device intended to be used with four supplied bone screws if no supplemental fixation is used. It is indicated as an intervertebral body fusion device designed for use with autograft. The ArcadiusXP L is intended for spinal fusion procedures at one or two contiguous levels in the lumbar spine from L2 to S1.

About Aesculap

Advances in healthcare are made from a willingness to face change with innovative solutions which shape the future of medicine. This means taking responsibility for recognizing opportunities in the marketplace and identifying the customer's needs. As a leading healthcare company, Aesculap is fully aware of this responsibility. The brand promise, "Sharing Expertise," stands for the continual exchange of knowledge and experience in medicine. Aesculap continues to contribute to medical advancements from the perspective of the healthcare professional; and the patient - through innovation, efficiency and sustainability. As an independent, family-owned business, Aesculap embraces the opportunities presented by the global marketplace.

Source: Aesculap

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