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AERO-MAX from R-M – The can can!

Published on 2007-06-26. Author : SpecialChem

The R-M philosophy is based on much more than the development and manufacture of cutting edge automotive refinish paint. The brand is committed to the success and profitability of its customers by providing a comprehensive programme of support from world leading colour tools to effective business development strategies.

R-M's in-depth knowledge of the industry has identified yet another opportunity for bodyshops to further improve process times and efficiency with the introduction of the AERO-MAX range of professional quality, VOC compliant, R-M aerosols.

Though aerosols are already used by many bodyshops, the new R-M range has been specially developed to meet the needs of professional refinishers who need professional, high performance materials in comparatively small amounts, eliminating the need to mix and filter the paint, set up the spray gun and clean up the equipment afterwards.

The savings in process time, together with the reduction in waste and the product's long shelf life (two years), demonstrate significant advantages over mixing and applying small amounts of material conventionally and helping bodyshops to further increase throughput and maximise profitability.

The three products in the new aerosol range include AM 870 SEALERPLAST 90, R-M's transparent adhesion promoter for all popular automotive plastics. AM 850 PRIMEFILL a single pack compliant primer for multi-purpose priming in particular as a primer filler and perfectly suited for fast and easy application over sand-throughs and spot repairs where increased corrosion protection is essential.

And finally, there is AM 950 BLENDING FLASH, the product specially developed by R-M to simplify and significantly reduce the process times required to complete blend in or fade out repairs. By applying a light coat of BLENDING FLASH to the edge of the clear coated area, overspray is remelted, surface texture (orange peal) is eliminated and polishing is usually unnecessary to ensure a perfect invisible blend or spot repair.

All the new AERO-MAX range of products is supplied ready for use in 400 ml cans, each can having a transparent cap with a coloured ring clearly identifying the product, even when the cap has been removed. Also each can is fitted with a high quality nozzle to ensure excellent atomisation of the product.

Source: BASF

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