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Adler's Lignovit Platin Water-based Wood Finish Protects an Eight-storey Tower in Germany

Published on 2012-01-02. Author : SpecialChem

Till twenty years ago it had been discussed, if it would be possible to build three-storey houses of timber. In the meantime such constructions - even if it's projects of rented flats - are common practice. But, that this is not the top of the flagstaff, proves the 25 meters high "first wooden skyscraper" in Germany, built from the company B & O Wohnungswirtschaft on its "zero emission test area" in Bad Aibling. Designed by the Munich's architect's office Schankula, the eight-storey apartment house fits not only all requirements of energy efficiency, noise-, thermal- and fire protection, in the same time it simply looks good and modern. Nearly the standard of a passive house it is reaching with its energy need of 18 kW h a year and a square meter. For the preparing of hot water and the heating of the spaces a solar collector, a ventilating system with regenerative heat recovery and the connection to the woodchips heating plan is used.

Building Yard in Sensational Time

The solid wood walls created of vertically arranged spruce wood were produced by Huber & Sohn in Bachmehring. "We constructed the building from the pre-fabricated wooden elements in a minimum of time," says the project leader Jens Eitner from B & O. "We need only two or three days for each floor - that within four weeks we can build an eight-storey high-rise building. That is simply sensational." Even the windows were installed into the wall elements at the timber work company. The timbering of the facades, made of solid wood, was ready coated too, when the elements leaved the woodwork constructer.

Wood Preservative with Elegance

The coating of the eight-storey tower in Bad Aibling is called ADLER Lignovit Platin and refers to the high-rise building a whiff of modern elegance. The water-based wood ennoblement glaze finish is enriched by special aluminium flakes, which does not only provide a distinctive metallic luster, but enhances the durability because of the intensification of the reflexion of the ultraviolet light. Excellent weathering resistance and protection from blueing and fungal decay guarantee durable beautiful appearance for the eight-storey construction in Bad Aibling. The optic reminds of a beautiful, natural - but uniform - greyed wood. So, no limits are set, neither for the styling, nor for the design of a wood construction.

About Adler

ADLER is a family business, rich in tradition and based in Tyrol. This is the philosophy that has made ADLER the competency leader in wood preservatives and paints.

Source: Adler

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