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ADLER launches "ACC2", the ideas management system of the future

Published on 2010-06-18. Author : SpecialChem

The wheel of innovation is turning faster and faster and especially at the present moment it's more important than ever before to give full reign to creative potential if you want your new products to carry conviction on the market. Isn't it an obvious course to harness the commitment and accumulated experience of one's employees? ADLER, Austria's leading manufacturer of paint, coatings and wood preservatives, is now putting its faith in a completely new culture of innovation.


"We are now prepared to follow unconventional paths too and, with our ACC2 project, we are creating a playground for innovation", explains project manager Mag. (FH) Daniel Pesserer. The three letters "ACC" stand for "ADLER Creative Coatings" - a forward-looking innovation engineered by the paint factory. "As far as wood preservatives are concerned, we have long been the number one in Austria - but, of course, the possibilities for coating this natural material in a creative fashion are by no means exhausted. There may well be further possibilities in the concrete or textile fields, or perhaps we could get immersed in electronics. Who knows? We would like to get a command of new coating technologies, to make an impact and, with the help of our employees, shape ADLER's future!", Pesserer adds. New ideas and unusual perspectives - that's what ADLER is expecting of its employees in their new role of "creative thinkers". "Our employees have exceptional innovative potential! After all, they are the best-informed persons in their various spheres of work", ADLER CEO's Andrea Berghofer and Dr. Manfred Oberreiter point out. "They know that there are always ways of doing things differently, better or more simply! And that's exactly the point we are focusing on."

In the lead

Ideas require input. And this actually comes from fields that, ideally, have nothing at all to do with the person's actual job. But to do this, employees need time away from their daily routine that will allow them to do some "exploration". ADLER is now making part of its employees' working hours available to them as "exploration time". And that's not all. The Tyrolean paint factory is also staking €25,000 on the kick-off to its new ideas management scheme. "Of course, creativity also needs a budget", says Berghofer. Furthermore, in this way the company is also signalling its intention to promote its in-house ideas management scheme. "The promotion of creative potential is an investment in the future!"

Source: ADLER

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