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Adler Creates Spectacles with Wood-rims Using ADLER Legnopur Coating

Published on 2011-09-26. Author : SpecialChem

Can you not make spectacles from wood? This is not true! And if you do, you apply a coat of ADLER. "We begin where others put up their hands", says Roland Wolf, getting to the heart of the innovative work of his team. They played around with spectacles made of smoked oak, spruce & Co. for two years.

It may be incomprehensible for those who do not wear spectacles, but those who look at the world day after day through two framed lenses know: The spectacles are almost like a part of the body. What can be worth more than to design those using absolutely natural materials in which there is also something living and active? Wood is one such material, but, unfortunately, you cannot use it to make spectacles. Not so far. The company, ROLF Spectacles, based in Tyrol, shows us how it is done.


It may be opined that wood is too heavy for spectacles, but it is the converse that is true: Wood is light-weight. The spectacles of ROLF are, in fact, lighter than any plastic spectacles - less than ten grams. This is a blessing for the nose and ears, but it is not the only benefit, by as long shot, that the material has. No hinges, for example, necessary at the front, since the wood can be curved laboriously and, thus, the design remains that of a single mould.

"We begin where others put up their hands", says Roland Wolf, getting to the heart of the innovative work of his team. They played around with the spectacles for two years. The end result was a product, in which no one piece is identical with the other, also since each one is the creation of handiwork. "No one pair of spectacles is like another, thanks to the wood and its grain alone", says Wolf.


Quite naturally, he and all others in the team wear their own spectacles. And this is only for trial purposes. The critical points are all those coming into contact with the skin, that is, the bridge, but, above all, the frame. This is where the coating is placed under extraordinarily stringent trials and exposed to stresses for which it has not really been developed. The coat, that withstands all that, is called ADLER Legnopur and is applied with the G10 degree of gloss on smoked oak, spruce & Co. What is particulary important to Wolf is that ADLER, too, is a company based in Tyrol, since his production is regional but his marketing is international. The basic prerequisite for the coating of the spectacles is that ADLER Legnopur complies with the most stringent requirements with respect to environment and compatibility, it is resistant to sweat and saliva, and, in fact, would be suitable for children's toys. "Apart from the quality of the coating, what is important to me, above all, is: the service. I have always been able to call up the research department at ADLER and that, too, considering that I am not a big customer for them particularly with my spectacles. Particularly during the development stage, this support was of immense value!" explains Roland Wolf, and looks to the future with his team filled with hope - naturally, through frames made of wood.

About Adler

ADLER is a family business, rich in tradition and based in Tyrol. Hence, the benchmarks that they set themselves are the benchmarks that they follow. This is the philosophy that has made ADLER the competency leader in wood preservatives and paints.

Source: Adler

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