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Additional Metallizer for Hanita Coatings

Published on 2006-11-27. Author : SpecialChem

Hanita Coatings, a leading converter of polyester films, recently announced the successful refurbishment, installation and start-up of a Leybold thermal evaporation metallizer, three months ahead of schedule. The new machine doubles Hanita's metallizing capacity, and is already contributing a daily 8-hour production shift.

Sourced dismantled from the States, the 90" width metallizer arrived to Hanita six months ago in a loose container of crates and drums, with no accompanying technicians, and no guarantee.

"Even though we knew we were buying the twin of our existing metallizer, we approached the project with some trepidation. We weren't even sure that all the parts had been included in the shipment," comments Operations Manager Shai Ben Tovim. "It took our technical team a month to sort and classify the equipment, but less than five to assemble the machine and bring it to working order. We only needed external help from the German specialists Hilberg and Partner to install the complex computerized management system, since we preferred to involve the entire metallizing department in the project. It was an incredible hands-on learning process."

In the coming months, further upgrades are scheduled for the new machine, bringing it in line with the sophisticated, patented capabilities of Hanita's other metallizing equipment.

The new metallizer is housed in the recently built 13,000 sq ft extension, adjacent to Hanita's new coating line, and its installation completes this year's $12m expansion program. The additional production capacity will support the company's growth in the fields of solar control window film, graphic arts and burgeoning RFID antenna production.

About Hanita Coatings:

Hanita Coatings is an Israeli coating, metallizing and laminating company specializing in the conversion of polyester films for label face stock; RFID antennas; window films for solar control and glass security; high performance barrier packaging; and digital print media.

Source: Hanita Coatings

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