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ABRAFATI Issues Call for Papers for its 14th International Coatings Conference

Published on 2015-02-16. Author : SpecialChem

A call for papers has been issued for the 14th International Coatings Congress, which will take place October 13-15, 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil. Professionals interested in presenting papers at the Congress can submit them to the event’s Science Committee for review. 

With the presence of leading experts of both the industry and the academia from all over the world, attendees will be able to anticipate the paths to be followed by cutting-edge research and innovations relating to the most varied of aspects of coatings.

As a priority theme for the coatings supply chain, sustainability will be present in all papers, either as their main focus or in the form of considerations and analyses concerning the impacts and implications of the innovations being introduced.

To have their papers included in the program for lectures and the Poster Session, researchers must submit abstracts for review through the event’s website.

“We’re expecting very innovative, high-end technical studies focusing particularly on environmentally friendlier products, technologies and processes that will allow us to give answers to the demands of consumers and the various markets served by the coatings industry,” says Telma Florêncio, coordinator of ABRAFATI 2015.


ABRAFATI – the Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association represents the productive coatings chain, bringing together manufacturers and their suppliers. Founded in 1985, it has evolved over the years in response to the demands of an ever more complex business environment and world. With the passing years its role has grown and refined, from safeguarding the interests of the associated companies to taking the lead in the struggle for the sustainable development of the sector.


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