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A New Generation of Adhesion promoters for Printing Inks

Published on 2006-11-30. Author : SpecialChem

The VERTEC™ business of Johnson Matthey is delighted to announce the arrival of the VERTEC™ NOVA range of Ink Adhesion Promoters.

This product development is in direct response to both the need to produce a significant improvement in resistance and adhesion properties, as well as in responding to any implications that the use of Acetylacetone (2,4-pentanedione) may have in the formulation of inks used on film for food packaging applications.

The VERTEC™ NOVA range are liquids, and can directly replace current adhesion promoters without the need for ink manufacturers to re-formulate.

They surpass the performance of Titanium Acetylacetonate products, such as VERTEC™ PI2 and VERTEC™ TAA, with improved adhesion and resistance properties with no yellowing or odour effects on the ink after printing.

Compared to VERTEC™ IA10, regarded as the leading adhesion promoter for solvent based packaging inks, VERTEC™ NOVA offers improved adhesion with increased viscosity stability, and an ability to further reduce costs.

VERTEC™ NOVA is available now from Johnson Matthey Catalysts.

Source: Johnson Matthey

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