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SurfTec Receives Fund for Nanoparticle-based Coating, Kraton Starts-up HSBC Plant, Global Bioenergies Signs Agreement for Renewable Isobutene Production

SpecialChem / Mark Drukenbrod – May 18, 2017

Hello and welcome to your late week international coatings industry update, brought to you by SpecialChem. In industry news since last issue, The Saudi Minister of Commerce and Investment will launch a Paint and Coatings Industrial Committee and AkzoNobel will partner with Atul to build a MCA plant in India. Rain Carbon is planning a new HHCR plant and QUIMOVIL and AIMPLAS initiated a project to develop water-based laminable flexographic inks. There’s much more where we continue and as always, you can go to the above items now using the links, or checkout our latest stories, which we’ll get to right away…

SurfTec Receives Funding to Develop Nanoparticle-based Coating

The Department of Energy has awarded $1.2 million to SurfTec LLC, a company affiliated with the U of A Technology Development Foundation, to continue developing a nanoparticle-based coating to replace lead-based journal bearings in the next generation of electric machines. SurfTec is located at the Arkansas Research and Technology Park and was founded by CEO Samuel Beckford and Min Zou, professor of mechanical engineering. Beckford, while a graduate student at the U of A, and Zou discovered a novel approach that significantly improved wear resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coatings, which are applied to the surfaces of tools and cooking ware to reduce friction and adhesion. For the past six years, researchers in Zou’s laboratory and, more recently, at SurfTec, have refined and tested a solid lubricant coating – a thinner and more durable PTFE – to reduce friction and wear in manufacturing equipment. Beckford said testing has demonstrated that SurfTec’s coating compares favorably to standard solid lubricant coatings used by industry.

Kraton Starts-up HSBC Plant in Taiwan

Kraton Corporation, one of the leading global producers of styrenic block copolymers, specialty polymers and high-value performance products derived from pine wood pulping co-products, has announced the opening of the 30 kiloton hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer (HSBC) plant in Mailiao, Taiwan. The Mailiao plant will support Kraton's innovation-grade business, particularly low molecular weight HSBC products. These polymers impart performance characteristics such as toughness and clarity in olefin-based compounds targeted for automotive, medical and film applications as well as low viscosity for thermally stable adhesives, sealants, and coatings. The facility's key features include a process and product laboratory with capabilities for manufacturing low viscosity products. Approximately 100 people are employed at the plant, which has already achieved more than 1.8 million work hours without a recordable incident since construction began in early 2014.

Global Bioenergies' Value Chain for Renewable Isobutene Production

Global Bioenergies has announced the signature of a grant agreement aiming at demonstrating a new value chain combining its Isobutene process with technologies developed by Clariant and INEOS. The aim is to convert currently poorly valorized residual wheat straw into second generation renewable isobutene for subsequent conversion into oligomers usable in the lubricants, rubbers, solvents, plastics, or fuels. The intense R&D cooperation for the next 48 months starts on June 1st 2017. The agreement signed recently between the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU) and the project partners focuses on the demonstration of a new value chain, based on the combination of the technologies and know-how of the participants from four EU member states.

Saudi Minister to Unveil Paints and Coatings Industrial Committee

Saudi Arabian Minister of Commerce and Investment, Dr. Majid Al Kassabi will launch the Kingdom’s first paints and coatings industrial committee on May 24th at the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) in Riyadh. The establishment of the committee comes as the Kingdom is stepping up its engagement with local and foreign investors under Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s program to enhance the development and diversification of its economy.

Key government stakeholder’s including Ministry of energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Saudi Customs, and the Small and Medium Enterprise Authority will join CEO’s from the local and foreign private sector to discuss substantive issues affecting the market’s investment climate.
The committee will also seek to explore the opportunities within the paint and coatings sector that the Saudi government has targeted for development due the Kingdom’s unique location at the heart of the growing local and regional demand for finished products.

The demand in the Saudi paints and coatings market is growing at a rate of 5.5% per year. Furthermore, the Kingdom is a five-hour flight away from 55% of the global $140bn paint and coatings industry. This includes the rapid growth markets of India, the rest of Southeast Asia, and Africa.

The private sector has already taken notice of the market potential and the changes underway in the Kingdom. Since the launch of Paint and Coating Industry Initiative, 13 local and foreign investors have agreed to sign non-binding statements of intent (SOI) with SAGIA to further discuss future investments in the Kingdom.

Turki Al Hamdan, Advisor for Petrochemical Industries at SAGIA noted, “The SOIs are an indication that there is significant interest in exploring opportunities in the Saudi paints and coating market. As the advocate for local and foreign investors in the Kingdom, SAGIA stands ready to receive all inquiries and assist investors in their journey to establish themselves this sector that has huge untapped potential.”

Joint Project to Develop Water-based Flexographic Inks: QUIMOVIL & AIMPLAS

QUIMOVIL and AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, have begun a project funded by the Ministry of Economics through the program RETOS COLABORACIÓN to allow the development of new printing water-based laminable flexographic inks for the flexible packaging industry that will allow a reduction of VOC emissions.

Currently, a high percentage of flexible food packaging is manufactured by using solvent-based inks, due to the high quality and productivity needs in the printing and lamination processes. This kind of components have a number of drawbacks, such as the VOC emission into the atmosphere, security risks due to the flammability of inks and varnishes, as well as the high investment and maintenance costs to recover solvents during printing.

Through the development of the project AQUAFLEX, coordinated by QUIMOVIL, it is expected to get a new formulation of laminable water-based flexographic inks with the same printing and laminating quality properties as solvent-based inks. The new product will allow a reduction of VOC emissions by 90-95 % to a competitive cost. For that purpose, some of the challenges of this project involve improving the print speeds of water-based inks and reducing their energy consumption in the drying process.

Emerald Kalama Appoints Dowd and Guild for K-Flex in Western US

Emerald Kalama Chemical, a business group of Emerald Performance Materials, has appointed Dowd and Guild Inc. as its distributor in the Western U.S. for K-FLEX low-VOC, non-phthalate plasticizers and coalescents.

“Dowd in Guild is experienced and widely trusted by manufacturers in the Western states, including those in key industries where K-FLEX products are used, such as coatings, adhesives, sealants and vinyl. Growth in these markets is very healthy, and along with shifting consumer preferences for environmentally friendly, high performing products, it has led to increasing demand for K-FLEX. This includes the West Coast, where Dowd and Guild has an established reputation for excellent technical expertise and service capabilities. This partnership will help us reach more customers, and Dowd & Guild’s strong sales team can help customers understand the value that K-FLEX products bring to these applications and also bring our customers an enhanced level of service,” said Scott Neuheardt, vice president and general manager for the K-FLEX business.

Founded in 1986 in Northern California by Tom Dowd and Howard Guild, Dowd and Guild Inc. is a premier specialty chemical distributor serving the 11 states west of the Rocky Mountains and the Southwestern states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Dowd and Guild’s corporate offices are located in San Ramon, CA., with a sales office in Cerritos, CA and a satellite office in Reno, NV, Dowd and Guild Inc. is well positioned to support the paint and coatings, inks, adhesives, composites, building products, plastics and related specialty chemical industries.

Axalta and WorldSkills Australia Renew Partnership to Advance Refinish Professionals

Axalta Coating Systems announced a new two-year alliance as a Gold Partner with WorldSkills Australia, a non-profit organization focused on skills excellence in vocational, technological, and service-oriented careers in Australia. The renewal coincides with a celebration of a 10-year partnership between Axalta and WorldSkills that began in 2007.

Axalta’s commitment to WorldSkills Australia as a Gold Partner will support both the Regional and National Competitions through the supply of Axalta’s Standoblue® refinish products, the latest in waterborne coating technology, and the new generation of Sagola® spray guns, for which Axalta is the sole importer in Australia.

“At Axalta, we are passionate about the refinish industry, and we are driven by the desire to secure its future through the promotion of both sustainable practices and skills development in young professionals,” said Paul Polverino, National Training Manager of Axalta Australia. “This is very important to us, as there are fewer young people entering the refinish industry than ever before – and we are committed to supporting events and initiatives that promote the industry’s productivity and capabilities.”

For more than 10 years, in collaboration with WorldSkills Australia, Axalta has strived to mentor up and coming talent by offering resources such as product training, exposure to the latest work practices and sustainable techniques, problem solving strategies, teamwork development, and leadership skills.

WorldSkills Australia regional competitions are held across Australia, with each event designed to help participants improve skills, build confidence, and benefit from exposure to the latest technology and techniques.

Clariant Debuts Full Color Ranges for Design and Industry Trends Plus Additives Portfolio at ECS

Clariant marks its Eastern Coatings Show 2017 participation with the US debut of two complete color ranges of pigment preparations. Hostatint UV supports the trend towards low VOC radiation cured industrial wood coatings, while the Hostatint A 100-ST range offers super-transparent, halogen-free pigment preparations enabling easy and economic creations of metallic and color travel effects in industrial coatings. It is also the first year Clariant will exhibit its comprehensive additives’ portfolio at the ECS.

Highlights for coatings producers from Clariant’s Pigments and Additives businesses at Booth 620:

Hostatint A 100-ST - a range of nine highly-transparent pigment preparations that offers the entire color circle to solvent-based paint systems. The super-transparent preparations support the eye-catching metallic and mineral effects as well as new shades for surface and contour enhancements so desired for today’s lifestyle products.

For example, for electronics OEMs, the halogen-free pigment molecules support the formulation of bright green color shades that meet industry restrictions on halogen content. Industrial coatings with the super transparency of Hostatint A 100-ST can be used to add a quality appeal to applications by emphasizing the visibility of a substrate such as glass, wood or metal.

Hostatint UV - a range of high-performance, easy-to-use colorants for UV cured wood coatings to support the trend for colored UV systems. Clariant’s new Hostatint UV liquid pigment preparations go the next step in supporting easy formulation of low VOC high performance coatings. The ready-to-use tinters are suitable for both interior and exterior coatings and cover the full color spectrum in opaque and transparent applications for dual and 100% UV systems.

Additive innovations to support market trends and safety priorities - Clariant underlines its commitment to the US coatings industry with a comprehensive product line of waxes (Ceridust, Licocene, Licowax), light stabilizers (Hostavin1), anti-oxidants (Hostanox1) and non-halogenated flame retardants (Exolit).

Rain Carbon to Build New Plant for Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins at its RÜTGERS Resins site

Rain Carbon Inc. commissioned detailed engineering for a new plant for the production of hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins (HHCR). The new plant will be designed to produce a wide range of premium hydrogenated resins for use in the adhesive and marine coatings industries and other industrial applications. The annual production capacity is expected to be 20,000 metric tons per year and could begin operations by the end of 2018.

The new HHCR product line would supplement the existing portfolio of Rain Carbon’s hydrocarbon resins marketed world-wide under the brand name NOVARES® produced at RÜTGERS’ sites in Duisburg, Germany, and Uithoorn, The Netherlands.

“State-of-the art production expertise and a new first-class technology center will enable Rain Carbon Inc. to supply its customers with a next generation of hydrocarbon resins.” said Uwe Holland, Managing Director of RÜTGERS NOVARES GmbH. Industrial resins are important additives for car rubber products including tires, coatings and adhesives. This new product line would allow Rain Carbon Inc. to capitalize on the increasing demand for more hygienic and colorless grades of adhesives known as “water white” resins.

Gerry Sweeney, President of Rain Carbon Inc. also commended the effort saying: “The project would strategically support the company’s continued drive to diversify its high value chemical products portfolio.”

AkzoNobel and Atul Form JV for MCA in India

AkzoNobel and chemicals manufacturing company Atul have formally agreed the joint venture partnership announced last year for the production of monochloroacetic acid (MCA) in India. The companies will establish a new plant at Atul’s facility in Gujarat by first quarter 2019, with each partner holding a 50% stake in the joint venture, to be registered as “ANAVEN”.

As well as building on AkzoNobel’s leading position in the MCA market – with plants in the Netherlands, China, Japan and the US – the partnership will also enhance Atul’s status as a key global supplier of the herbicide 2,4-D, which uses MCA as a key raw material.

“The ANAVEN partnership will contribute to our vision of driving profitable growth for AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals in India, which is an important growth market,” said Knut Schwalenberg, Managing Director of AkzoNobel’s Industrial Chemicals business. “Our partnership with Atul is part of an asset light strategy to expand our leading position in MCA through shared incremental investments.”

Sunil Lalbhai, Chairman and Managing Director of Atul, added: “We are delighted to partner with AkzoNobel to bring state-of-the-art technology for MCA to India from a world class company and develop a long-lasting relationship with AkzoNobel to create value for all the Stakeholders. The ANAVEN project will be in sync with the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Government of India.”

The partnership will use chlorine and hydrogen manufactured by Atul to produce MCA, taking advantage of both Atul’s existing infrastructure and the leading eco-friendly hydrogenation technology of AkzoNobel. From an initial annual capacity of 32,000 tons per year at start-up, the plant has been designed for future expansion to 60,000 tons per year. The facility will produce enough MCA to meet Atul’s growing demand for MCA and supply the expanding Indian market.

Applications Now Open for the 2017 PCI/Axalta Scholarship Program

Axalta Coating Systems, in collaboration with the Powder Coating Institute (PCI) announced on Monday that nominations for the annual PCI/Axalta Scholarship are now being accepted. Offered to university students pursuing studies in fields that advance powder coating technologies, the scholarship is just one of several ways that Axalta supports science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education initiatives worldwide. PCI is a leading non-profit organization that promotes powder coating technology and communicates its benefits to the manufacturing, consumer and government sectors.

“The Powder Coating Institute is dedicated to supporting future generations that will become the industry’s workforce,” said Trena Benson, PCI Executive Director. “The PCI Board of Directors is committed to improving the quality and continued growth of the powder coating industry through our scholarship program.”

To qualify for the PCI/Axalta Scholarship, a candidate must be enrolled in an area of study that is useful for a career in the powder coating industry. In addition, candidates are asked to provide their goals, qualifications, and a letter of recommendation from a school faculty member. Candidates must be full-time students with a grade point average of 2.5 or above. The deadline to submit all applications and supporting documents is June 14, 2017.

“At Axalta, fostering the development of the future technologists in our industry is a priority,” said Dave Heflin, Axalta Vice President Industrial Coatings, North America. “Partnering with PCI to offer this scholarship is a great way to engage students considering a career in powder coatings and demonstrates our commitment to the advancement of the powder coating industry.”

Anvil Paints and Coatings Joins John R. Burt Enterprises

Florida-based Anvil Paints & Coatings, Inc. has joined the John R. Burt Enterprises family of companies. Since 1967, Anvil has been an industry-leading manufacturer of premium quality coatings and specialty paints, offering a variety of products for industrial roofs, concrete surfaces, wall textures and other surfaces. Anvil’s line of liquid roof coating products enhances the extensive collection of commercial roofing solutions provided by sister company Duro-Last®, Inc., offering customers a variety of additional options dedicated to roof maintenance and upkeep.

“We’re excited to grow the Anvil business that has been built over the last 50 years,” said Kurt Schwahn, President of Anvil Paints & Coatings. “The Anvil brand is an excellent fit with Duro-Last and its sister companies, allowing for entry into new markets with new products.”

While now a member of John R. Burt Enterprises, Anvil will continue to support current customers within their key categories, as well as increased opportunities with Duro-Last.

“Anvil’s historical quality and excellence in elastomeric and silicone roof coatings is a great addition to our current product line and will provide our customers with a wider selection of roofing solutions,” said Duro-Last CEO Tom Saeli. “We’re eager to incorporate Kurt’s leadership as we continue to grow.”

Founded 50 years ago, Anvil Paints & Coatings is one of the nation’s premiere manufacturers of premium quality coatings and specialty paints. The Largo, Florida-based company began with a single specialty coating product designed for tile roofs popular in the Southern Florida region. They now sell over 65 different products in 320 SKU’s across the nation.

HIS Paint Acquires Premium Coatings of Texas

H-I-S Paint Manufacturing has announced the recent acquisition of Premium Coatings of Texas, Haslet, TX. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Premium Coatings is an electrical component and millwork coating manufacturer, known for providing excellent products and tremendous customer service; traits by which H-I-S is recognized throughout the industry. This acquisition broadens the H-I-S industrial coating portfolio and allows the company to expand into new market segments.

“We are enthusiastic about incorporating these new technologies into our product portfolio. Our team is ready to establish meaningful relationships with current Premium Coatings customers and future prospects in these industries," said Tony Cox, President, Industrial Coatings Group.

All coating manufacturing and distribution have been relocated to the H-I-S Paint manufacturing facilities in Oklahoma City, OK

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