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Radiation curing technology is a current growing process to cure and dry coatings. Coatings are cured by ultraviolet or electron beam radiation. Radiation cured coatings present many advantages and are applicable to a wide range of substrates and particularly for heat-sensitive substrates (wood, plastic...). These coatings have replaced many conventional low solids, solvent-borne coatings and can be considered as eco-friendly technology without any VOC emissions and no flammability.

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Sep 24, 2008 | Article

Uncle Sam Wants U.V.

By PCI Magazine

For a long time, I've kept a well-measured distance from all programs involving space and the military. Probably because I am horrible at remembering acronyms. For me AOL is where I logon to get my...

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Apr 30, 2008 | Article

Radcure Coatings Market: A Growing Market

By Coatings World

The major trends in the global coatings industry revolve around environmental concerns and the reduction of VOC emissions, reducing energy costs, improving productivity and improving performance...

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Nov 28, 2007 | Article

UV Coating - Overprintability and Adhesion PhenomenaPART II: Description of 4 Adhesion Phenomena Recommendations of Raw material Suppliers and Conclusion

This is the second part of our article dedicated to UV-Coating and overprintability, in this part we present four other adhesion phenomena and recommendations of raw material suppliers for the...

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Apr 12, 2006 | Article

The photochemistry of semiconductor nano-particles

The photochemical aspects of semiconductor nano-particles are of outmost importance for the qualities and the behavior of many coatings. Only the combination of these words is not so often used to...

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Feb 25, 2004 | Article

Ultraviolet Cure-in-Place Technology to Develop High-performance Wood Coatings

The wood used for furniture, flooring and other interior-decoration applications is particularly susceptible to abrasion, scratches and general soiling, as well as water and chemical staining. To...

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May 14, 2008 | Article

UV Inks and Coatings: Considerations for Plastic Substrate

By Ink World Magazine

Printing on plastic is a growing and challenging market for UV-curable inks and coatings. They have been successfully used for many years, but new opportunities arise daily that remind printers and...

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Apr 23, 2008 | Article

The Future of UV Coatings is Now!

By PCI Magazine

Can you think of any organization that has had 35 consecutive years of sales growth? A few come to mind that may fit that category, but you can count them on one hand. Statistics from past RadTech...

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Jul 12, 2006 | Article

Photoinitiators for Coatings ApplicationsPart 1 – A brief overview

Conventional thermoset coating formulations are thermally cured through crosslinking and polymerisation processes. Catalysts are often added to such formulations to initiate these curing...

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Sep 28, 2005 | Article

How to protect UV cured clearcoats from light degradation

Until recently, uv cured exterior coatings have not made a huge impact on a commercial basis. The current market status is as follows: * Total market still only around 5% for industrial...

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Sep 10, 2003 | Article

Increasing Adhesion of UV Coatings on Wood

Coatings on wooden substrates for furniture, flooring and interior are a main application for radiation curing lacquers. Increased adhesion is an important target for development of UV coatings on...

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