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Aviation industry represents a small market segment in the global coatings industry but it constitutes a highly demanding sector. Compared to other industry, technical requirements of aerospace coatings are very specific as it has to cope with extreme service conditions such as temp. fluctuations, corrosion, Intense UV exposure at altitudes and more.

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Jun 27, 2017 | Product News

UTC Aerospace Systems Launches Non-chromate Corrosion Protection Primer

UTC Aerospace Systems has announced that it has developed a non-chromate landing gear corrosion protection primer. The primer is environmentally friendly and compliant with the European Union's...

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Mar 23, 2016 | Product News

Sherwin-Williams Launches JCX™ Polyester Urethane Coating for Aircrafts

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings JCX™ polyester urethane is a high performance, high-productivity coating designed for exterior use on commercial aircraft. JCX coating is focused on productivity...

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Mar 2, 2016 | Product News

Sherwin-Williams Launches Basecoat for Aerospace Coatings

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings introduces the SKYscapes® General Aviation (GA) Basecoat 855 Series. It is designed to deliver the maximum in appearance and productivity by delivering a...

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Oct 14, 2015 | Product News

Solvay at ABRAFATI: Presents its Range of PFPE Fluids for Aerospace and Automotive Coatings

At ABRAFATI, Solvay will be presenting its range of high-performance perfluoropolyether fluids for aerospace and automotive industry. PFPE lend specialized functions to products such as anti-ice...

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May 15, 2015 | Product News

NEI Corporation Introduces NANOMYTE® MEND-RT, a Self-healing Polymer Nanocomposite Coating

NEI introduced NANOMYTE® MEND-RT, a self-healing, polymer nanocomposite coating for use as an intermediate layer in coating systems. When the coating system is damaged, the self-healing intermediate...

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May 13, 2016 | Product News

Sartomer at RadTech 2016: to Exhibit its Acrylate Oligomers and UV PUDs

Sartomer will exhibit several acrylate oligomer offerings, UV PUDs (CN9500, CN9501) and two dual-cure oligomers (CN9062, CN9302). at RadTech. Sartomer’s acrylate oligomers provide UV-LED and...

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Mar 16, 2016 | Product News

Carbodeon Introduces NanoDiamond Additive for Fluoropolymer Coatings

Carbodeon has developed an additive for fluoropolymer coatings, based on its uDiamond NanoDiamond technology. It has been developed to target solvent based coatings used across industries including...

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Dec 22, 2015 | Product News

Hardide Coatings’ Tungsten Carbide Coating Meets Airbus Technical Performance Requirements

Hardide Coatings announced that its Hardide-A tungsten carbide coating has met the Airbus technical performance requirements as a potential alternative to hard chrome plating. Hardide-A are highly...

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Jun 12, 2015 | Product News

Sherwin-Williams Launches JETFLEX® Elite Polyurethane Enamel Aerospace Coatings

JETFLEX® Elite Polyurethane Enamel from Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings is a single-stage interior product ideal for aircraft interiors. The coatings create a subtle glow and colored shadows not...

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Mar 19, 2015 | Product News

USAF Develops High-temperature, Abrasion-resistant Coating for Aircraft

The Air Force and a small business partner developed an innovative, high-temperature, abrasion-resistant coating product that could directly improve the reliability and maintainability of weapon...

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