Incorez Oxazolidines are versatile additives for 1K and 2K solvent borne and high solids polyurethane systems. They can be used as moisture scavengers, latent curing agents or reactive diluents in a variety of applications, with specific benefits for your PU coating formulations.

Moisture scavenger for Polyurethane Coating

Moisture Scavenging in the raw materialsThe moisture may originate in the atmosphere or be present in the raw materials, such as the pigments, extenders, solvents, etc.
Preventing this reaction from occurring prevents pinhole defects from appearing in the coating surface which will affect the coating integrity and ultimately lead to corrosion of the substrate.

As a moisture scavenger , Incozol 2 eliminates the generation of carbon dioxide gas by preferentially reacting with moisture over isocyanate.

Below pictures are discs with an aliphatic PU prepolymer with and without oxazolidine in the formulation.
On application, the reaction with moisture produces visible pinhole defects (below left) in comparison to the formulation incorporating oxazolidine (below right).

Aliphatic prepolymer
WITHOUT oxazolidine

Aliphatic prepolymer WITHOUT oxazolidine
Aliphatic prepolymer
WITH oxazolidine

Aliphatic prepolymer WITH oxazolidine

As demonstrated in the 2 pictures above aliphatic prepolymer with oxazolidine shows defect free film (no bubbling/ gassing).

By acting as a very effective moisture scavenger in the coating system, Incozol 2 will:
  • Prevent the consequences of corrosion and weathering by eliminating pinhole defects in the dried film
  • Maintain film performance during application and in its final cured state

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