Incorez Oxazolidines are versatile additives for 1K and 2K solvent borne and high solids polyurethane systems. They can be used as moisture scavengers, latent curing agents or reactive diluents in a variety of applications, with specific benefits for your PU coating formulations.

Improve performance of PU coatings using Oxazolidine technology and ensure best performance

Incorez is a global leader in the manufacture of oxazolidines, waterborne epoxy curing agents and waterborne polyurethane dispersions, selling these high performance materials globally to producers of coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.

Incorez expert showcased how formulators can improve performance of PU coatings using Oxazolidine technology and best practices to ensure best performance from these versatile additives.
Oxazolidines are used in a variety of applications including automotive, aerospace, wind turbines, military, waterproofing, balconies and flooring.

You still have the opportunity to Watch webinar recordings below and learn how Oxazolidine technology can benefit your formulations and applications.

Oxazolidines - Versatile additives for improving performance in PU coatings

As a PU coating formulator do you have the issue of CO2 generation causing defects such as pinholes and downglossing in your final film? Do you want faster through cure in high build 1K PU coatings? Do you want to reduce the VOC content of your PU coating formulation?

Oxazolidines are versatile additives that can be incorporated into your formulation. They can act as a moisture scavenger, latent hardener or reactive diluent to overcome these issues and improve your film integrity.

This webinar will provide an overview of oxazolidine technology and how it can be used in both 1K & 2K PU coatings systems.

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Best practices for the handling and use of oxazolidine PU additive technology

As a PU coating formulator or manufacturer of PU systems, you will be aware of the issues moisture contamination can cause both during the manufacture process and on application.

One way to address this issue is to introduce oxazolidine additive technology into the PU system. Oxazolidines can work as moisture scavengers, latent curing agents and reactive diluents in both 1K and 2K PU systems. Not only will they help dry other raw materials during the manufacturing process but will ensure film integrity on application by preventing CO2 generation.

When used correctly oxazolidines have the ability to solve a wide range of issues from gassing to lowering VOC. This webinar will provide an overview of best practices and recommended handling methods to ensure you achieve the best performance from these versatile additives.

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Extending the possibilities of Aldimine performance in Polyurethane Sealants and Coatings

Aldimines are versatile additives that provide exceptional bubble-free curing to allow for thermal and structural movement in both polyurethane sealants and coatings.

Aldimines are used in a variety of applications from construction sealants, floor coatings & fast curing primers. In this webinar, Incorez technical expert will demonstrate how each of these areas is benefitting from the addition of this technology in their sealants and coatings formulations.

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