Incorez Oxazolidines are versatile additives for 1K and 2K solvent borne and high solids polyurethane systems. They can be used as moisture scavengers, latent curing agents or reactive diluents in a variety of applications, with specific benefits for your PU coating formulations.

Heavy duty coating- 2K systems

Heavy Duty - 2K systems applications
Typical heavy duty applications for oxazolidine moisture scavengers and reactive diluents
  • Top Coat for Wind Turbines
  • OEM
  • Aircraft

Incozol grades suitable for heavy duty applications

  Features Benefits Product TDS
Incozol 2 Moisture Scavenger & Drying Agent Prevents the generation of CO2 gas leading to defect free films Incozol 2 TDS
Compatible with different PU components (soft/hard segments) Greater latitude when formulating
Very low viscosity Ideal for high solids systems
Low toxicity Safer for formulators and applicators
Low coloured liquid Can be used in clear coats
Tertiary amine catalyst before ring opening Releases faster curing amine after hydrolysis which increase cure rate of the film on application
Incozol LV Reactive Diluent Developed to replace a portion of the polyol component enabling the formulation of high solids, low VOC coatings Incozol LV TDS
Moisture Scavenger Prevents the generation of CO2 gas leading to defect free films
Multifunctional (f=4) Enables greater formulation flexibility
Very low viscosity Suitable for spray applications
High degree of moisture tolerance Improved stability to repeated opening of containers

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