Incorez Oxazolidines are versatile additives for 1K and 2K solvent borne and high solids polyurethane systems. They can be used as moisture scavengers, latent curing agents or reactive diluents in a variety of applications, with specific benefits for your PU coating formulations.

Take the best from Oxazolidine for your PU performance coating formulations

Incozol versatile PU coating additives offer both 1K and 2K solvent borne and high solids polyurethane coatings formulators a new way to formulate while achieving excellent performance.

Click on the pictures below to access more information about Incozol benefits:

Moisture Scavenging
Moisture Scavenging
Stability in 1K Aliphatic Systems
Stability in 1K Aliphatic Systems

Incozol grades provide additional benefits, easily select the most appropriate Incozol grade according to the benefits you want to achieve:

  Use with low NCO prepolymers Lowering viscosity Reducing VOC Low Temp. Storage & Handling Stability in 1K Aromatic Systems Use in 2K Systems
Incozol EH
Incozol 2
Incozol LV
Incozol 4
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