Chemours™ Ti-Pure™ Titanium dioxide is a white pigment that efficiently scatters visible light, thereby imparting whiteness, brightness and opacity. As a key ingredient in paint and coating formulations, Ti-Pure™ pigments contribute to excellent durability for industrial and exterior architectural applications and excellent hiding power for interior architectural applications.

Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide enables durable, opaque coatings that are easy to apply!

When it comes to formulation and application of paints and coatings, formulators, consumers, and applicators agree that saving time and money and offering premium quality are equally important. Ti-Pure™ super-durable grades are consistently top performers in proving the durability, ease of manufacturing and aesthetic properties for paints and coatings.

Up to 60% better hiding power and tint strength for quality paint with good aesthetics

The hiding power of a paint is measured by its ability to obscure a background of contrasting color. White pigments scatter incident visible light at all wavelengths whereas colored pigments absorb incident visible light at characteristic wavelengths. Hiding power is linked to titanium dioxide's high refractive index and optimized particle size. To achieve its full hiding power potential in coatings, titanium dioxide must be well dispersed initially and avoid particle re-agglomeration throughout the coating lifetime, even before application.

Ti-Pure™ TiO2 grades are designed to facilitate easy dispersion and to be compatible with other coating components that might induce flocculation or re-agglomeration of the TiO2 particles. As shown below on the figure comparing the hiding ability and tint strength of Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300 versus three universal grades in highly crowded paint systems, TS-6300 clearly gives the highest hiding power and brightest colored paint.

This excellent hiding power gives two advantages to coating formulators:
  • Improved performance at the same level of pigment loading
  • Cost reduction by using less pigment while still obtaining a good level of hiding power by using less pigment while still obtaining a good level of hiding power
Cost Reduction
Dry Hiding Tint Strength

Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300 provides the highest level of hiding power as particle flocculation is avoided thanks to spacing ensured by an engineered silica layer on the TiO2 surface. This surface layer creates a physical barrier to close contact, providing improved particle spacing and then higher hiding power.

Maximized durability for paints with value

Paint durability is at the heart of paint formulation challenges: paints are expected to resist discoloration, peel-off, and loss of gloss basically, they need to resist all physical signs of aging.

Ti-PureTM has a positive impact on paint durability thanks to its very high ultra-violet (UV) light absorption efficiency. This UV absorption efficiency provides protection from UV degradation to the underlying resin molecules, providing weather resistance to the coating. Super durable grades like Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6200 are designed to give optimal long-term protection against UV light.
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Another property affecting the durability is the dispersion ability of TiO2 in the film, with good dispersion providing better paint durability.

Tests have proven that after 36 months of Florida exposure, paint with Ti-Pure™ super durable grades show the least amount of gloss reduction, relative to other universal and durable TiO2 grades tested. You can double the life of your exterior coating by using Ti-Pure™ durable grades in paint!

Ease of application to save time and money

By using Ti-Pure™in paints and coatings, painters will save time and paint thanks to reduced drying time. Ti-Pure™ One Coat systems offer better coverage in fewer coats to get more quality with less product!

With Ti-Pure™ One Coat system, painters will benefit from:
Easy of application to save time and money


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Super-durable TiO2 Offers Excellent Gloss and Tint Retention for Exterior Applications

Chemours™ TS-6200 is a super-durable pigment that has been specifically designed for the most demanding exterior coatings applications.



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