Chemours™ Ti-Pure™ Titanium dioxide is a white pigment that efficiently scatters visible light, thereby imparting whiteness, brightness and opacity. As a key ingredient in paint and coating formulations, Ti-Pure™ pigments contribute to excellent durability for industrial and exterior architectural applications and excellent hiding power for interior architectural applications.

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What is Titanium Dioxide?

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium. It is the most widely used white pigment in the coatings industry. Its brightness and very high refractive index imparts opacity and whiteness to paints, coatings, and inks. TiO2 is also used in colored coatings due to its ability to provide high opacity and vibrancy to colors.

How does TiO2 work?

Opacity refers to the hiding power of a pigment. It is the ability of the pigment to mask the substrate beneath the coating. The high opacity of TiO2 is the result of its high refractive index or its ability to bend and scatter light. It diffusely reflects light before it can reach the underlying substrate making the coating film appear opaque, white and bright.
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How does titanium dioxide benefit coatings?

In addition to its exceptional opacity and whitening power, TiO2 increases the durability of coatings. It is chemically stable, even at high temperatures and shows resistance to discoloration under UV light.

Why is TiO2 better than other white pigments?

TiO2 produces a bright, opaque coating at lower levels of pigmentation compared to other white pigments. It has a higher refractive index than any other white pigment and scatters the entire spectrum of visible light. This means that its brightness and opacity cannot be matched by any substitute white pigment material. Pigment performance is strongly linked to how well it disperses in the coating. TiO2 disperses easily in liquids imparting better covering and improved durability.
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Use of other pigments such as zinc oxide and calcium carbonate, as substitutes for titanium dioxide, requires higher pigment loading to achieve a similar level of opacity. Higher loading not only increases the cost of the final product, but also negatively impacts the quality of the coating. Calcium Carbonate is not as white as TiO2. It is generally used as a filler additive rather than a pigment. In addition, Calcium Carbonate reacts with acids to release carbon dioxide. This reactivity compromises the weatherability of the pigment, especially in outdoor applications.

What makes Ti-Pure™ unique?

Ti-Pure is manufactured by Chemours – one of the largest TiO2 manufacturers in the world
Chemours is a pioneer in titanium dioxide technology for the coatings industry. For almost a century, the company has been known for its best-in-class product quality, innovative process technology, and high safety standards. Today, Chemours is one of the largest manufacturers of titanium dioxide in the world. It is continuing its legacy of innovation and superior quality by providing prompt customer service and technical support through its global manufacturing facilities. Chemours’ success lies in understanding the value of forming collaborative partnerships with its customers.

Chemours markets its diverse range of titanium dioxide grades under the brand name Ti-Pure™. Its quest for brighter, more efficient pigments has made it one of the leading suppliers of high-quality TiO2 to the coatings, plastics, and laminates industries. Various Ti-Pure™ grades can offer different performance advantages depending on formulation needs and coating performance requirements. For instance, grades for exterior architectural applications are designed for high durability whereas grades for interior architectural applications are optimized for maximum hiding power.

Why Ti-Pure™ from Chemours?

Titanium dioxide is a key ingredient in paint and coating formulations. Ti-Pure™ pigments offer ease of application, excellent property retention, moisture resistance, and high durability. Paints formulated with Ti-Pure™ show a bright white color, greater hiding power, high tint strength, and better dispersion performance with increased durability. Ti-Pure™ super-durable grades offer the optimum balance of durability, ease of manufacturing, and aesthetic properties for paints and coatings.

Key benefits of Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide

Superior hiding power from Ti-Pure™ TiO2

One of the basic properties of paint is its ability to obscure a background of contrasting color. The greater the hiding ability, the fewer the number of coats required to complete the job. The color of a pigment is determined by the range of wavelengths in visible light that a pigment reflects. White pigments scatter all wavelengths in incident visible light whereas colored pigments absorb incident light at various wavelengths characteristic to the particular color. The hiding power of titanium dioxide is linked to its high refractive index and also to its particle size. In order to achieve the full hiding potential of TiO₂, the pigment must be well dispersed at the time of coating production. Particle re-agglomeration must be prevented throughout the lifetime of the coating. Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide grades facilitate easy dispersion and have been designed to be compatible with other coating components that might induce re-agglomeration or flocculation of pigment particles.

The figure below shows the difference in the hiding ability and tint strength of Ti-Pure™ TS-6300 grade and that of three universal grades in highly crowded paint systems. The Ti-Pure™ grade clearly exhibits the highest hiding power and the brightest color in a comparative test of paints.

Key benefits

The superior hiding power of Ti-Pure™ TiO2 is a result of avoiding particle agglomeration and flocculation and ensuring space between particles. The spacing is induced between particles by an engineered silica layer on the TiO2 surface. The surface layer creates a physical barrier to agglomeration, leading to improved particle spacing and greater hiding power.

Cost Reduction thanks to low pigment loading of Ti-Pure™ TiO2

Ti-Pure™ offers up to 60% additional hiding power and tint strength compared to other titanium oxides. The superior hiding power of Ti-Pure™ offers two major advantages to coating formulators:
  • Better performance at the same level of pigment loading
  • Use of lesser pigment produces the desired level of hiding ability leading to cost reduction

Maximized durability of paints formulated with Ti-Pure™ TiO2

Durability is another key objective in paint formulation. Enhanced durability of paints made with Ti-Pure™ TiO2 translates to a longer coating life requiring fewer maintenance applications and reduces consumption of materials. A good paint must resist discoloration, peel-off, and gloss reduction. It must resist all physical signs of aging to retain a fresh look over an extended period. Ti-Pure&trade positively impacts paint durability due to its very high ultra-violet (UV) light absorption efficiency. The UV absorption efficiency helps prevent UV degradation of the underlying resin molecules, leading to increased weather resistance of the coating. Super durable Ti-Pure™ grades are especially designed for optimal long-term protection against UV light. The durability of paints is also affected by the ability of TiO2 to disperse in the paint film; good dispersion leads to increased paint durability. Comparative tests have shown that paints formulated with Ti-Pure™ super durable grades show the least reduction in gloss, under harsh exposure, when compared to paints based on other universal TiO2 grades.

Chemours innovation, support and reliability for Ti-Pure™ TiO2

Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide users benefit from Chemours’ market-leading innovation, support, and reliability in product development and production. Chemours’ focus on market needs has made it the first choice partner for titanium dioxides in superior paint formulations. Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide technology from Chemours, helps coating manufacturers produce high quality paint with great aesthetics and durability.

Ti-Pure™ TiO2 Solutions for Coatings Applications

Specialized Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide grades provide solutions for coating applications including architectural, industrial, and special purpose segments such as inks. Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ enhances aesthetics durability, protection, and longevity of coatings in all applications in addition to meeting industry specific requirements.

Architectural Applications both interior and exterior benefit from Ti-Pure™ TiO2

Ti-Pure™ is widely used in architectural coatings for both interior and exterior applications. In interior coatings, Ti-Pure™ brightens whites and enhances the vibrancy of colors. It enables formulators to deliver the desired level of gloss and opacity for specific interior spaces. In exterior architectural coatings, Ti-Pure™ resists UV degradation to maintain a freshly painted look. Chemours offers several grades to strike the right balance between gloss and tint retention for specific applications.

Industrial Coatings stand up longer thanks to Ti-Pure™ TiO2

Industrial coatings cover a variety of market segments including:
  • Industrial building paints
  • Automotive coatings
  • Powder coatings
  • Coil coatings
  • Can coatings
Each segment has varying quality and performance requirements which impact the choice of a suitable Ti-Pure™ grade. The surface treatment and particle size distribution of each grade determine its performance properties in specific applications.

Special Purpose Coatings also benefit from Ti-Pure™ TiO2

Special purpose coatings are designed to deliver high performance in harsh environments. Coatings may be required to add protection against structural deterioration in corrosive environments. Other applications may require additional UV resistance to maintain the paints structural integrity and prevent color fading in extreme conditions. Some of the industries which require special purpose coatings include:
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Non-durable for Plastics
  • Packaging


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Super-durable TiO2 Offers Excellent Gloss and Tint Retention for Exterior Applications

Chemours™ TS-6200 is a super-durable pigment that has been specifically designed for the most demanding exterior coatings applications.



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