Smart coatings with self-healing additives: properties and specifications

Autonomic Materials’ self healing additives are microencapsulated liquid agents that impart self-healing functionality to existing coating formulations. The resulting smart coatings are thereby enhanced with improved corrosion resistance and increased adhesion maintenance

What are the properties of Autonomic Materials self-healing additives?

All liquid healing agents and polymeric shell wall materials are designed to survive harsh processing conditions and demanding service environments to ensure excellent long term stability.

The healing agents are hydrophobic in nature allowing displacement of water immediately after damage to the coating, followed by polymerization to restore critical protective barrier properties at the site of damage.

While a formulation adjustment is recommended to allow for incorporation of capsules without sacrificing mechanical properties of the coating, the addition of microcapsules does not require any synthetic modification of the base resin.

Three series of microencapsulated additives are available in both wet and dry forms to provide compatibility with most solventborne and waterborne formulations as well as powder coatings. In addition, custom healing agents can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

What makes these self-healing additives so innovative?

Autonomic Materials is the leader in self-healing technology with a broad portfolio of innovative products, superb technical assistance and capability to provide tailor-made solutions: 
  • Innovative technology with hydrophobic healing agents
  • Truly autonomous self-healing triggered by damage
  • Long term stability
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Available in a wide range of sizes

Autonomic Materials offers a selection of microcapsules designed with your coating system in mind. Self-healing protection can be incorporated in one or more coating layers depending on the specific demands of the targeted end-use application:

Learn more about all the applications where Autonomic Materials additives provides long term protection!

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