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Thanks to its robust range of thickeners and dispersing agents, Coatex provides technical solutions to recurrent formulators issues (color acceptance, storage stability, water resistance...) for waterborne wall paint, wood coating and specialty coating formulations.

Rheology Modifiers Solutions

Building on over 40 years of experience in aqueous mineral systems, Coatex offers a complete range of waterborne synthetic rheology modifiers. This offer consists of additives perfectly compatible with each other for easy formulations as they:
  • Control the mineral particles stability (dispersing agents)
  • Enhance its rheology profile (thickeners)

Rheology modifiers influence the paint performance throughout its lifecycle.

As such, the choice of the right rheology system is a crucial step when formulating water-based coatings.
2 reasons to opt for Coatex rheology modifiers from SpecialChem
In this Rheology Modifiers Solutions Center, Coatex highlights technical solutions to recurrent formulators issues (color acceptance, storage stability, water resistance...) by providing a robust range of thickeners and dispersing agents for waterborne wall paint, wood coating, specialty coating and industrial coating formulations.

The knowledge of Coatex and the breadth of the product portfolio provide you with optimal rheology tools to solve your specific issues. While applying your paint you achieve solventborne-like feeling with minimal impact on the environment.

Discover how Coatex waterborne rheology modifiers can influence each step of coatings development:

Wall Paints
Wood Coatings
Speciality Coatings
Industrial Coating
Ease of Process
Storage Durability
Paint texture Design
Film Properties


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Acrylic associative Thickener
Polyurethane Thickener
Polyurethane Thickener
Polyurethane Thickener
Polyurethane Thickener
Read this Case study to learn more about Coadis™ BR 85 and Coapur™ XS 22 designed to address the recurrent challenge (high gloss, good stability...) of Alkyd emulsion based formulations.
Access this presentation introducing the Bumper technology™, a dispersing technology which enables Coating formulators to achieve effective TIO2 reduction. It can be used with various binders and for any kind of paint (from matt to gloss).
Read this Case Study featuring Rheotech 3800™, and acrylic associative thickener, which enables to make cost savings by using less thickener while matching the perfect rheological balance in waterborne matt & semi-gloss paints.
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Case Studies from Rheology Modifiers Solutions Center

Coapur™ XS 83 pseudoplastic HEUR thickener in Waterborne Epoxies

Access the evaluations results of the study of two pseudoplastic HEUR thickeners in an anticorrosive waterborne 2K-epoxy primer. In such formulations, Coapur™ XS 83 shows:

  • Very good sag resistance
  • Excellent shear thinning behaviour
  • No detrimental effect on anticorrosion properties
Read more about this study.


Improve coating durability and application flexibility for water-based formulations

Are long lasting, high-performance coatings critical to your business? While minimizing maintenance work and end-user cost, they also ease the workload by providing application flexibility.
To meet these two objectives, you have one effective solution: improve water resistance!

Download this Case Study and discover a combination of two rheology additives that can enhance water resistance of your water-based formulations.


Develop ecofriendly water-based paints with excellent color acceptance and optimal application properties

Coapur™ 975 W is a zero-VOC & APEO-free thickener which, used in combination with Ecodis™ P50, enables the formulation of eco-friendly water-based paints. These rheological additives can help you develop low emission paints that offer optimal application properties and excellent color acceptance.


Get effective TiO2 dispersion for your whole Coatings range thanks to a unique dispersant, Coadis™ 144 A

Coadis™ 144 A is a pigment dispersant specifically designed for a wide variety of rutile TiO2. It provides outstanding performance to a broad spectrum of waterborne exterior and interior coating formulations. 

Coadis™ 144 A enables maximized gloss potential, while providing ideal viscosity, flow and wet adhesion across a wide range of sheens (from flat to high gloss).


Highly efficient Rheology Modifier for improved Storage Stability and better Color Acceptance

Based on a proprietary technology, Rheotech™ 2800, a Coatex VOC-free and APEO-free associative thickener enables to avoid color float, increase tinting strength and limit viscosity drop. Rheotech™ 2800 allows paint formulators to improve storage stability and make cost saving in using two times less product compared to a standard thickener.



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