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Birla Carbon Raven Carbon Blacks are high-performance pigments that can be used in demanding applications and many of them serve as industry benchmarks. These products are used for a wide variety of applications including coatings and printing inks (architectural/decorative coatings, automotive, specialty inks, etc.). They can help formulators to achieve optimal color performance, to improve the level of jetness or blue undertone and to increase tinting strength.

Improve tinting strength, jetness and blue undertone with Raven carbon blacks

What are the two critical factors influencing carbon blacks’ application performance?
- Fundamental properties
- Dispersibility
The fundamental properties are comprised of both physical and chemical properties.
The physical properties include particle size distribution and structure (aggregate size / shape distribution). They strongly influence the color properties such as the jetness, the tinting strength and the blue undertone. 
The chemical properties generally refer to the oxygen-containing groups present on a surface modified carbon black.

Surface modified Raven carbon blacks are desirable in coatings applications, as they enhance the dispersibility, rheology and dispersion stability.

The dispersibility is also linked to the mixing equipment, the formulation, the physical form and impurities. A good dispersion is fundamental to the delivery of the expected color performance.

Thanks to its comprehensive range of specialty carbon blacks, Birla Carbon can recommend the optimum Raven carbon black that will provide the desired balance of properties depending on your application needs:

- If you require higher jetness, you should look at carbon black products with higher surface area (smaller particle size). You could consider Raven 5000 Ultra II for automotive or high end architectural coatings.
- For lowest levels of impurities in industry, Birla Carbon offers the Ultra range of products.
- If improved tinting strength is critical for your industrial coating or inkjet ink applications, you may consider carbon black products with high surface area such as Raven 3500 and Raven 2500 Ultra.

Access the Raven carbon blacks product portfolio to explore Birla Carbon wide range of solutions.


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Increase Jetness for Metal Coil Coatings with Raven 1185 Ultra Carbon Black

Struggling to formulate high-performance metal coil coatings with a high level of jetness while maintaining an appropriate viscosity for processing and application?

Raven 1185 Ultra Carbon Black is a good option to solve these issues.

Find out about the numerous advantages provided by Raven 1185 Ultra to formulators and end-users: effective dispersion, good weathering properties and much more.



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