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Ink Receptive Technology

Ink Receptive Coatings are innovative technology facing the challenge of ink absorption in various substrates. These materials are specially designed for films, textiles and paper, and bring excellent print quality, rapid ink dry time, preservation of ink stability and many others.

Ink Receptive Technology (IRT)

Ink Receptive Technology: the solution for improved digital print quality

About Ink Receptive Technology

Ink receptive coating technologies offer advanced solutions to help your customers digitally printed products stand out, and to improve the efficiency of your operations. These products can be available into ready-to-use formulation and resins for further formulation.

Top 3 reasons to use Ink Receptive Technology in your application
bullet Get drastic improvement of digital print quality and color density
bullet Reduce process cost by using less ink and accelerate ink-dry-time
bullet Increase substrates durability due to its adhesion and scratch resistance

Applications suitable with Ink Receptive Technology

Films IRT textile IRT paper

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Ink receptive coating: how does it work?

Benefits of Ink Receptive Technology


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